Mason   Glendale, Arizona, United States
Absolute cute nerd~♡ (11/30/19)
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PFP is my sona, Atlas, drawn by IG: @fennegg

'who needs a girl when you can fuck your money' - ... 11/3/18
'time to go on trading idle jailbreak mvm roleplay mlp servar' - Aggressive Salmon 11/14/18
'your water doesn't work under water' - Aggressive Salmon 12/18/18
'I thought sharks go for a walk not swim :P' - Sharky 1/1/19
'my hands are giving me AIDS' - ... 1/4/18
'you got an STD from bestbuy?' - TheShribe 2/13/19
'he got a good spanking on the wrist' - ... 2/15/19
'i am the cave fucker' - fr0g 4/13/19
'bouncy scouty whoopidy fuckin doo' - kiji 5/5/19
'ice converts my skill into ice' - fat 6/3/19
'personally i would love to be shrek is love shrek is life'd by sans undertale' - Effy 7/15/19
'Hahaha I'm you cheesestick whore' - kiji 7/28/19
'hocus pocus you nerfed the manntreads now im ferocious' - Grub 8/5/19
'my cock is so fucking big that it weighs me down, i have scoliosis because of my extemely large penis. my cock is so unbelievably huge that if gravity stopped working i’d still be on the ground.' - fat 10/27/19
'man I wish I was black' - Bones 10/29/19
'Fuck a toaster bath Im gonna tf2 bath' - osha 11/30/19
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Discount Jan 9 @ 7:30pm 
キージー Jan 9 @ 7:00pm 
bestest nerd i know
Kaleetan Jan 6 @ 12:47pm 
happy bday nerd
polarOne Dec 17, 2019 @ 11:46pm 
this dude could NEVER beat my high scores on Kovaaks...
polarOne Dec 12, 2019 @ 1:11pm 
person below got 100ms flicked 3 times in a row sniper mge
Discount Dec 12, 2019 @ 8:33am 
person below is bad scout