abud ;)


-freq 144 -novid -nojoy -console -tickrate 128

+exec autoexec.cfg -freq 240 -novid -console -tickrate 128 +fps_max 0

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KHANJI_97 is a genius, a mind so keen, In CSGO's tapestry, his brilliance is seen. The rapid maneuvers, the strategic finesse, A symphony of skill, an absolute success. In battle's fervor, his tactics unfold, a maestro at play, with courage untold. Through smokes and flashes, his vision remains clear, a beacon of might, adversaries fear. With every clutch, his legend grows wide, a guardian of angles, with prowess as guide. In moments of pressure, his calm is the key, a beacon of hope, for his team to see. His aim, unerring, a force to behold, a dance of precision, controlled and bold. In the arena's chaos, his calm is a balm, an architect of victory, crafting peace in the storm. A genius, a tactician, in every game's chapter, his strategies, a guide, for all to master. A leader, a mentor, in the art of war, his legacy, a beacon, forevermore.
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======> Just For Pro's <======
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{W } Frag Movie Video
KINGMAWI Nov 1, 2023 @ 4:05am 
He "saved" me from being a "slave to [my] urges"
BeanTeam6 Oct 27, 2023 @ 2:43pm 
likes Russians for some reason :cozyroe:
x1ME Oct 24, 2023 @ 3:31am 
hey, so I stumbled upon your profile and couldn't help but notice how adorable you look in your pic! 😊 It's kinda surprising to see girls into anime, right? I mean, I totally support equality and would totally binge-watch rom-coms with you. We should totally watch "High School DxD" together, it's this emotional rollercoaster, but don't fret, I'll be right there to pass the tissues! 😅 Oops, didn't mean to come off strong, just being friendly! Your avatar is super kawaii, did I overstep? My bad, I'm kinda introverted and don't socialize much lol. DM me? It seems like we'd have some fun chats, you seem super chill! 😄✌️