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Sliding heaven!

Reach the Aqueduct for the first time.
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 9:15pm

I should've listened to Father...

Reach the Hun Camp for the first time.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 2:13pm

Azadeh, the head of the village

Meet Azadeh, the head of the village.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 2:09pm

A great deal

Give these two scoundrels what they want.
Unlocked Jun 11 @ 2:20pm

Brain of Persia

Reach the Academy for the first time.

The smell of burned flesh

Reach the Tower of Oblivion for the first time.

Country stroll

Reach the Gardens for the first time.

Fat & furious

Defeat Berude.

Skin & bone

Defeat Baatar.

O brother, where art thou?

Find Shahin.

The right tools for the job!

Ask Sukhra to forge 5 new weapons.
0 / 5

Paachi the Wise

Meet Paachi.

Experienced collector

Craft 5 medallions with Paachi.
0 / 5

Discerning collector

Craft 15 medallions with Paachi.
0 / 15

Master collector

Craft 25 medallions with Paachi.
0 / 25

Acrobatic 10km

Run 10km on the walls.
170 / 10,000

Climb Mount Damavand

Climb an equal height to that of Mount Damavand.
115 / 5,610

Rostam reincarnated

Kill 1,000 enemies.
0 / 1,000

To infinity and WELL beyond...

Fast travel 50 times using the Wells of Dreams.
0 / 50

Astara the smith

Meet Astara the Smith.


Find Feriel at her HQ.


Kill 5 enemies at the same time.

Apprentice alchemist

Trigger 50 elemental reactions.
0 / 50

Alchemist emeritus

Trigger 200 elemental reactions.
0 / 200

Master of the elements

Trigger 500 elemental reactions.
0 / 500

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