[L] Yah level up Service
Low level up Bot 1-85   Netherlands
No keys? Get them for cheap from Skinbaron. [ skinbaron.com ]
Before using this service make sure you have crafted all your cards into badges!

Automated bot commands!
Important note! DO NOT BUY CSGO KEYS FROM INGAME CSGO. CSGO and Hydra keys bought from INGAME CSGO will no longer be tradeable permanently.

Before using this bot first check if you are using the right bot!
You do not want to pay to much for your levels on Steam!

For levels 1-85 the following bot is best suitable for you:
Yah level up Service 1-85

For levels 85-150 the following bot is best suitable for you:
Yah level up Service 85-150

For levels 150-350 the following bot is best suitable for you:
Yah level up Service 150-350

<--------------------------- Important commands --------------------------->

!owner - display owner profile
!rate - current bot prices
!price - current bot prices
!level [your dream level] - calculates how many sets and how many keys, gems it will cost to reach your desired level
!check - shows how many sets the bot has available for you and also total bot sets and price in TF2 key
!buy [amount of keys] - use this to buy card sets with main bot currency which is set.
!buyhydra [amount of CS:GO Hydra keys] - buy sets for your hydra key(s)
!buycs [amount of CS:GO keys] - buy sets for your CS:GO key(s)
!buytf [amount of TF keys] - buy sets for your TF key(s)
!buygems [amount of sets] - buy sets with your gems
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