Xeos' Level UP Service
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Welcome to Xeos' Level UP Service!
We are back! Our service has been here back in 2017 - 2018, and we have now reborn in 2021.

This bot ONLY accept TF2 keys, check the commands below:

* !help Show's you all Bot Commands.
* !check Tell you how many Sets the Bot currently has.
* !check [X of Keys] Tell you how many sets you would get for the specific amount of TF2 Keys.
* !buytf [X of Keys] To create an offer of buying sets you're NOT fully crafted for your TF2 Keys.
* !level [Dream Level] To check how much XP You need to each your dream level.

Rate: 17 Card Sets for 1 TF2 Key

* Where can i buy TF2 keys?
- TF2 Marketplace [marketplace.tf]

* Why do you only accept TF2 keys?
- To keep the bot simple & no trade hold on TF2 keys.

* Does bot check which badges I've crafted?
- Yes the bot check which sets you already have crafted.