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Daesh Prince Of Bel Air May 2 @ 4:04am 
hey look at my impression of you: "Waaaa, I'm Potesty, waaaaa!"
ratboy Apr 27 @ 1:37am 
Hey female bitch, answer me this. Im 6'1 180lbs (muscular). I go the gym, i can already bench press 200lbs. Im not the strongest guy around but I could easily beat the fuck out of you, thats how much stronger i am than you. if you and I were to meet in the desert with no one around and no weapons i could literally fucking kill you with my bare hands, your fate would be up to me to decide you fucking bitch. So how does this make you feel whore? How does it feel that I could wipe floor with you disgusting female face and you wouldnt be able to do anything about it you weak bitch?
Fatalitiko Apr 25 @ 3:54pm 
Hey Potesty do not play with wyrd
A_cRaZeD_Robin Apr 5 @ 8:20am 
Hey Potesty nice to meet you :Zeus:
Potesty Mar 11 @ 6:29am 
Recently became an actual country
KoBy Mar 11 @ 3:42am 
Recently learned to block