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About me
I own and manage servers and IT for a small TF2 community .

My role within the community covers many aspects: plugin development, software and hardware issues, web development, paying exorbitant server bills, baby sitting, you name it.

Other than that, I'm a software developer currently working on ways to synthesize time.

In my free time, I play the vidyas and write fun software. If you've ever used a Steam trading bot, you've used some of the software I've contributed to!

I absolutely NEED to talk to you
That's great! But first, make sure you comment on my profile with the reasoning. If you just randomly send a friend request without stating a reason, I'll probably just decline it. Nothing personal, I just get countless friend requests each day.

I want to report an issue on your servers
If it's urgent, see above. If not, visit our forums [forums.saxtonhell.com] and make a post there. I'm OCD and I read every post on our forums, so don't worry about it being missed somehow.

I would like to donate to your community
Sweet! Check out our donation page [saxtonhell.com] for how you can do that and what perks we give in return. Your donation is appreciated!

I'd like to buy that Unusually Epic Strange Herp McDerp I saw in your inventory
I don't do trades or sell my items, sorry!

I need help configuring my super-duper up-and-coming <insert game here> server
I'm totes not tech support, you'll want to look elsewhere for help with that.

You're cute and I want to hug you!
:3 [fenne.cc]
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Avifir Oct 11 @ 3:07am 
Hi, is there any way I could get hold of the Dodgeball plugin? I'm potentially interested in setting up an EU DBS server. Currently the Dodgeball Hell server is the only dbs one active, all the EU servers are tfdb. Thanks.
doorbell Oct 7 @ 2:27pm 
🎃Spooky Forte🎃 Oct 5 @ 9:59am 
🎃Spooky Forte🎃 Oct 1 @ 4:12pm 
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🎃Spooky Forte🎃 Sep 12 @ 5:48pm 
Aelus Sep 9 @ 8:44am 
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