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I own and manage servers and IT for a small TF2 community .

My role within the community covers many aspects: plugin development, software and hardware issues, web development, paying exorbitant server bills, baby sitting, you name it.

Other than that, I'm a software developer currently working on ways to synthesize time.

In my free time, I play the vidyas and write fun software. If you've ever used a Steam trading bot, you've used some of the software I've contributed to!

I absolutely NEED to talk to you
That's great! But first, make sure you comment on my profile with the reasoning. If you just randomly send a friend request without stating a reason, I'll probably just decline it. Nothing personal, I just get countless friend requests each day.

I want to report an issue on your servers
If it's urgent, see above. If not, visit our forums [forums.saxtonhell.com] and make a post there. I'm OCD and I read every post on our forums, so don't worry about it being missed somehow.

I would like to donate to your community
Sweet! Check out our donation page [saxtonhell.com] for how you can do that and what perks we give in return. Your donation is appreciated!

I'd like to buy that Unusually Epic Strange Herp McDerp I saw in your inventory
I don't do trades or sell my items, sorry!

I need help configuring my super-duper up-and-coming <insert game here> server
I'm totes not tech support, you'll want to look elsewhere for help with that.

You're cute and I want to hug you!
:3 [fenne.cc]
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Saxton Hell - Public Group
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Stealth404 Jun 2 @ 7:40am 
Im selling my all items for 38 ref
√oiDeD Jun 2 @ 7:05am 
@Stealth404 - trade what?
Stealth404 Jun 2 @ 2:04am 
Accept for trade
Kuuko May 25 @ 11:17am 
impetus_maximus May 19 @ 4:05pm 
ok, no worries. thanks for getting back to me.

impetus_maximus May 16 @ 5:37pm 
sorry to bother you. could you tell me where to get a version of premium upgrade GUI that works on the older maps for machine hell #2? v4.1 doesn't work.

i searched the forums, but no luck.

no rush
cheers & thanks