Veritate* Queen〔STM 1:1 Bot〕
☄ I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many.

(Foil) Cards, Emoticons & Backgrounds.Same set & rarity.
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*Veritate /ˌvɛrɪˈteɪti:/ Source []

„ ... is a single, orange-hued giant star situated approximately 247 light-years away in the northern constellation of Andromeda.It is dimly visible to the naked eye with an apparent visual magnitude of 5.22.The star is moving closer to the Earth with a heliocentric radial velocity of −60 km/s.“ .・。゚,
                         I bring order to chaos. Was that good for you?
Wotan Mar 12 @ 8:17am 
added for future trades
madmiX Mar 9 @ 2:48am 
Adding because SteamTradeMatcher doesn't work properly.
💬𝗨𝗦𝗘𝗥 Feb 17 @ 9:50am 
May i add you for easy trade, ty!
Mastro TJ Jan 24 @ 5:35am 
Thank you for trading :steamhappy:
Poker Jan 24 @ 12:51am 
Good tradebot! Added
Wardaddy Jan 11 @ 4:38pm 
+Reputation, fair trading. Thank you! Have a great year! :winter2019cooldog: