Ryan   Massachusetts, United States
:dsham::happyhf:Hi! Welcome to my profile.:happyhf::dsham:
I'm Ryan. I play TF2 when I'm bored. xd. (Click for more info lol)

Also, if there is a profile impersonating me please tell me.
I'm the real UnusualSandwich as I have 1,200+ hours in TF2, my bp is public. And, I don't randomly add people (...unless I, myself have a good reason to)
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Info if you are wondering
I'm a TF2 player who on the occasion will make either random videos or informative, (and maybe helpful) content for people to watch.

Trade Offer
Discord Server [discord.gg]

Info about me
- Favorite Game (PC) - Team Fortress 2
- Favorite Game (In General) - Super Mario Sunshine (it was the first game I ever played)
- TF2 Main - Pyro, (aka the big funny flame man)
- Favorite Unusual(s) - [ALL CLASS] - Strange Purple Energy Chill Chullo, [PYRO] - My Strange Starstorm Slumber Cranial Carcharodon
- Profile Pic by my amazing girlfriend LushFxre <3

Items I'm trying to eventually pick up
- (2) Strange Cosmic Calamity War Paint (Minimal Wear) - or.... Shotgun, and Powerjack.
- Pro KS Degreaser Kit (Flames/Singularity, Violet)
- Pro KS Flame Thrower Kit (Flames/Singularity, Violet)
- Jazzy War Paint/Degreaser (Factory New)
- Chromatic Corruption Special Eyes
- Strange Pro KS Frying Pan
- Unusual Shotgun Skin (Field-Tested or better) (Isotope, or Hot)
- Collectors Pro KS Backburner
- Collectors Pro KS Scorch Shot
- Strange Pro KS KGB
- Strange Cool Flash Fryer Flame Thrower Skin ( here [backpack.tf])
- Starstorm Slumber Tough Stuff Muffs

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1,353 hrs on record
last played on Jun 21
33 hrs on record
last played on May 29
7.0 hrs on record
last played on May 26
Lukik Jun 15 @ 9:34am 
dude your hud is amazing can you please share with it? :D
MehCheese Jun 11 @ 3:51pm 
You's a Massachusetts boy huh?
I drop ubers like babies Jun 10 @ 12:00am 
Yo dude I recently found your content and really enjoy it! I wanna add you but I get it if you don’t add me back
Sasuri Jun 1 @ 10:46am 
Give me your fricking YouTube money, you fricking frick.
succ lol
|TGC| Dapperr May 30 @ 9:16pm 
pyro is a bad class >:(