💙   Slovakia
:biohazard: :Amane: :steammocking: :rflower: :ducky: :2016weiner:
esea-i roamer for omni5
shoutout to the wolsne gang

quit surf and bhop
movement mods 9-2-2014 to 8-8-2018
surf peak rank 6
bhop peak rank 1

ESEA [play.esea.net]
UGC [www.ugcleague.com]
osu! [osu.ppy.sh]

competitive history

NA Essentials.TF Monthly Cup - March - Eliminated Quarterfinals
NA Essentials.TF Monthly Cup - April - Eliminated Quarterfinals
NA Essentials.TF Monthly Cup - May - 2nd Place

UGC Steel S7 - (2-5) - Soldier
UGC Steel S8 - (2-4) - Soldier
UGC Silver S11 - (6-2) (3-0) (1st place) - Soldier
UGC Gold S12 - (7-1) (3-0) (1st place) - Soldier
UGC Gold S13 - (6-2) (3-0) (1st place) - Scout

UGC Steel S19 - (2-3) - Roamer
UGC Steel S20 - (4-4) - Roamer
UGC Steel S21 - (3-4) - Roamer
UGC Platinum S23 - (4-4) - Roamer
ESEA-Open S23 - yikes - Roamer
ESEA-Open S24 - (11-5) (0-1) - Roamer
ESEA-Open S25 - (11-5) (0-1) - Roamer
ESEA-Open S26 - (12-4) (1-1) (5th place) - Roamer
ESEA-Intermediate S27 - (13-3) (2-1) (2nd place) - Roamer
ESEA-Invite S28 - (1-4) - Roamer
ESEA-Open S28 - (9-7) - Scout
ESEA-Intermediate S28 - (13-3) (1-1) (3rd place) - Pocket (sub for playoffs)
ESEA-Invite S29 - ( ) - Roamer

UGC Platinum S23 - (3-5) - Soldier

TFCL Ultiduo Cup 1 - 3rd

my unused 6s team name ideas:
le b1g Open Check
Feeding Frenzy
6 Randologists
The Buttsville Bottoms
Los ANgeles Dodgers
Currently Online
profile quotes
Hero | o5.unskilled: some records just weren't meant to be mine
o5.unskilled Broke Stage 16 Record 00:12.91 Rec. -00:00.01 Per. -00:00.08
Info | o5.unskilled finished Stage 16 with Rank 1/105!
Hero | o5.unskilled: nvm

12:29 AM - Slicerogue ring: if i was a girl med my pussy would be wet for okiewaka

Veteran | empire fell: I Want SomeOne To Look At Me The Way Trippa Looks At 15 Year Olds

9:40 PM - Mike: this pub is completely made up of pub players

Expert | Vecc: i saw two cute girls outside today while walking my dog and i almost fainted

fygg: i wish i was abortioned

[wbbl] dp2k : you only killed me cause I ran out of health

(Team) New | gorillason23: HOW DO YOU SERF

Expert | pokerpo: i have never been rude to anyone ever
Expert | pokerpo: shut the fuck up dumb cunt

"sometimes i feel like i'm the only person on this team who doesn't tilt" -fyg

2:09 PM - qst: boxcar lives in the sewers under the building slicerogue lives on the 3rd floor of

wolsne: the coldest place i've ever been is probably the freezer aisle at the grocery store

The Advanced Surf Theorem: a²+β²-2*a*β*cos(surf)=surf²

4:26 PM - cut: I was in a bad state last night unskilled
4:27 PM - cut: But I feel better now
4:27 PM - ^_^ unskilled ^_^: yeah minnesota does kinda suck

habib_6ix_God: I think WWI had less stalemates

midasssss_: circa looked at me and smiled in the bathroom
midasssss_: while he was at the urinal

5:21 AM - pissybwaiii: “I’m not adding anyone new to my friends list but the amount of girls on my friends list is going up”

8:44 PM - edin: im 4 points but im raping wtf

2M.Daf : get me some thigh highs and a razor and im a fucking YEET trap

boxcar: how the fuck is fygg low-mid invite this player is very stupid

7:44 PM - saila: i have a super nice girl cock

Veteran | Kizu: can I ask a really stupid question about this map
Ascended o5.cin: ok
Veteran | Kizu: its ok if you dont wanna
Veteran | Kizu: tho
Ascended o5.cin: ASK ME A QUESTION
Veteran | Kizu: k
Veteran | Kizu: the triangle thingy
Ascended o5.cin: it's called a ramp
Ascended o5.cin: next question

phorofor_: @MR_SLIN how do u see with eyes like -_-

#1 | Placebo DMT : do you realise i have more games in mge than you have hours in this game
#1 | Placebo DMT : by A LOT


"i feel like i'm going to be put on a sex offender's list one day" -torrit

"i've lost my virginity many times" -ebsikl

* Goddess | n33: if deathly msg'd u rn and said 'im done paying for the server and im leaving it up to you to pay for them'
* Goddess | n33: would you do it
Legend | matrix: dude
Legend | matrix: i'd sandbag open harder than wrech to afford it
* Goddess | n33: lmfaooo
Legend | matrix: LOL

"you know, digi is so mad at me for having the stream title 'digi is so mad at me'" -edward

mama : me terriavl

mama : you know what they say
mama : cant polish a turd

mama : whats sad is that im trying

egirl : i have more hours than u have girlfriends

"dude i was trying to kill a mosquito and you got like three frags because of it" -edin

"there's literally enough extra chromosomes in mr_popo to make another person" -lucrative

"in a perfect world i would never die, but it's not a perfect world because the scout class exists" -edin

[2:53 AM]
fyg: god damn being an emo weeb is hard work

harriw248: tf2 is for men my lady
Skrt Sep 18 @ 4:56pm 
Anyways sign my profile ligmahaver2009
o5.cin Sep 18 @ 12:55pm 
FROYO cin*
kactuswactus Sep 18 @ 11:44am 
if you were ever curious as to what kind of person unskilled is:
8Kcin (unski) has joined owo!, Thigh High Socks, Hentai!, and SNIPER SUCKS.
somaa Δ Sep 18 @ 5:42am 
hes invite but toxic asfffffff
Skrt Sep 18 @ 4:49am 
Yes you are
o5.cin Sep 17 @ 9:33pm 
i'm invite but i'm toxic af