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Random Stuff that are important to me if you add me.

- Be someone I can tolerate and like to talk to.
- Know me a little bit at least and have played on the same server before, or even games. Also have me talking back to you on the server, otherwise I do not want contact with you in any sort.
- Be who you are, if I don't like your personality then it is what it is, but I like people being who they are and aren't acting to be someone else across different people.
- I will still decline requests if I simply dislike you, don't know you at all or don't want contact with you.
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Texan Jul 11 @ 2:56am 
Username. Jul 7 @ 12:29pm 
+rep told me im a nub
Director Krennic Jul 7 @ 12:23pm 
and "it's Bartek!"
Director Krennic Jul 7 @ 12:22pm 
Likes men
Starshina Smirnov Jul 2 @ 1:48pm 
+rep, also really nice soldier cosmetics
UberMedicFully Jun 20 @ 4:15pm 
Thx! Although it's over already