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Posted: Apr 2, 2023 @ 2:31pm


Fishing - is boring and repetitive, smallest fish from starting zone or deep sea half-monster fish? All same - just timed mini-game. Same game, don't let UI fool you - all variations you can make look like circle one and nothing will change except looks.

Story - not much there. Go find some trinkets. Only one island with NPC and few quests - other islands just empty with 1-2 story NPC. Also - timed quests, and you will know about it only when you fail.

Gameplay - fun at start, but later meh. There no fuel, food, rest or other mechanics. So you can just roam around without consequences and reason. And with traps and fishnet you don't really need fish at all

Atmosphere - in start yes. Creepy fish vendor, too friendly mayor, strange dock worker...
Later to be revealed as nothing. Just nothing. They will do nothing, don't change, don't give you strange quest or any info. After 3 hours you will see how empty world is and NPC is just decorations, without even "make your own story" Miyazaki®
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