:r6target: Servers i play on :r6target:


PvP : Bambiland 2

Rp : Rasselbande whitelist / no kill on sight

First Person : FP by spaggi

Public : Tatort Chernarus

Arma 3

Koth : Koth by Project plays (infantrie)

Koth : Koth hostile takeover (no jets)


Love Squad Germany

Rusty in places UK (RIP)
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Welcome to my Steam Profile !!
:m67: Games I like to play

-Taktic/squad based shooters (ARMA 3, Squad, Insurgency, Escape From Tarkov)
-Survival based Games (The Forest, DayZ, ARMA3 epoch/overpoch)
-Sandbox Games (Rust)

:m67: My Setup

-MSI Gaming laptop (i5 4210h,GTX950m)

-Main PC (i7 7700 4,6 GHz, Enermax Liqmax II 120 CPU Water cooler, GTX 1070 8GB, MSI Z270-A PRO, 16gb DDR4 RAM , 120 gb ssd, 1TB hdd, 500gb ssd)

-Steam Link (way better than i thought, if you have good internet buy it)
-Steam Controller
-Captureing elgato HD60
-Headphones Pioneer SE-MX7
-Mouse Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
-Keyboard Logitech G213 Prodigy
-Headset Logitech G633 Artimes Spectrum
-Mousepad 1 Roccat Hiro
-Mousepad 2 Speedlink Atecs XXL 100x50cm
-Monitor BenQ XL 2411 E-sports
-Monitor 2 i pad Mini 2 (connected via duett Display)
-Flightstick Logitech Extreme 3D PRO

:m67: Audio setup

-Mixer/Audiointerface Soundcraft Notepad5
-Mic Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 (will be changed in the future)
- Mic stand Rode PSA-1

:m67: I would recommend all of my gaming gear appart from the SE-MX7. Good sound but

:m67: Internet speed 200k

:m67: Where you can find me

-Escape From Tarkov TrypleByte
-Origin TrypleByte
-Origin Games : Battlefield 1/4/Hardline, StarWars Battlefront
-PS4 BattleKing76740

:m67: My own Ts3 server


My two mainhobbys are PC Gaming and Airsoft

Here are some of the Airsoft guns and gear I own.

(If u want to play airsoft pls wear safty glasses ! Sunglasses dont count !)

:r6target: Rifles:

H&K 417 D GBB (VFC)

E&L Block two Tac. (E&L) (S-Aeg) *

G&G Firehawk Highcycle (G&G) (AEG)

G&G CM16 Raider M (G&G) (AEG)

JG G36K (G 608-3) JIng Gong (AEG)

Cyma M4 Tactical (broaken and i use the part as spere parts) (AEG)

MP7 A1 (IDK the brand) (AEG)

Valken no name m4 (S-Aeg) *

:r6target: Pistols:

VFC FNX 45 Tactical GBB (VFC)

VFC Whalter PPQ Navy Duty Kit Version co2 BB (VFC)

VFC Glock 17 gen.4 co2bb (VFC)

S-AEG* means Semi Automatic Airsoft gun. In Germany we are not allowed to use full auto guns with more power than 0,5 joules. If u want to own one check ur local gun laws.

Gear From Head to foot:

:r6target: Helmet:

Original Bundeswehr Kevlar Gefechtshelm

Helikon tex mesh cap

Or just a olive beene

One Tigirs face mask mesh/steel

Protection glasses !

:r6target: Platecarrier (west):

Condor sentry light carrier

Defcon5 Endurence PC (Olive)

Original Brithish Osprey Mk4 ( MTP)

:r6target: Shirt:

Invader gear combat shirt (Flecktarn)

:r6target: Pants:
Invader gear BDU pants (Flecktarn)

Pistol Holster

IWI defense PPQ holster

Condor universal holster

:r6target: Boots:

Some Hiking boots some hiking boots

:r6target: Weapon Attachments

Red dragon RD RP Red dot

Magpul angeld foregrip

eotech 552 clone

Mags m4 Standart Begadi mags

:r6target: Other

Self made High quality Balistc shield (nothing standart)

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