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Posted: Dec 1, 2022 @ 9:39pm
Updated: Feb 5, 2023 @ 9:13am

A mixed bag of incredible polish with some questionable design and gameplay decisions. 7/10

So, now that the performance is mostly fixed lets talk about the actual game.

Well, its nice to look at but the lack of exploration is a negative.

The animations are very nice as well and are a highlight but the healing animation takes entirely way to long and it becomes an absolute hindrance during the last boss fight, a boss fight of which that is one of the worst boss fights I've played in any video game.

The story is decent though, its not gonna win any awards for story writing but its serviceable.

The combat is only good in 1 on 1 encounters because when you get overwhelmed the camera has a mind of its own and the auto lock on is completely broken. The auto lock on has single handedly got me killed several time as I was trying to run away to reload or switch weapons just as I was passing an enemy it stops me dead in my track to engage in a brawl.

The visual upgrades are always welcomed in any game but the lack of suit upgrades is kinda dumb to not have in this game.

The atmosphere is great but like I mentioned before with the lack of exploration it could have made it even better.

Some personal takes though is the Biophages are generic looking and the GRP ability to manipulate the entire enemy should have not made it past the conceptual stage.

Overall I would recommend to wait until NG+ gets added or maybe even until future content gets added along with hopefully more performance fixes like adding dlss and gameplay tweaking.

And to be clear I don't hate this as much as everyone else I just wish some aspects were better.
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