Fuck off
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DICKLOVER3000 13 ABR a las 4:59 a. m. 
cheating kido
IS SOMEONE WATCHING ME? 19 OCT 2023 a las 2:48 p. m. 
+rep I smoke 6 blunts a day and rip 4 grams of dabs too. Some people say I'm the best and I know you don't have to tell me ever, I own a lot of porn and take ♥♥♥♥♥ everyday. One day I smoked a blunt of adderall laced weed and I was the greatest player ever I pissed myself because I was doing really good in hvh and it doesn't end there! I made my first ♥♥♥♥ box and started hvhing for 6 hours a day.
76561199519549100 Intercambios bloqueados 16 OCT 2023 a las 8:57 a. m. 
added to negotiate!
жидкий флекс 14 OCT 2023 a las 7:02 a. m. 
mami, te siento lejos’ 3 SEP 2023 a las 9:02 a. m. 
ezZz cheater
g 1 SEP 2023 a las 1:26 p. m. 
"the fact youre cheating makes your whole profile even more sad, get off tf2 and do something more with your pathetic excuse of a life"
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Bruh LMAOOO anti cheaters are probably worse than actual cheaters