jaden   Columbus, Ohio, United States
*DEAD* [Admin] Piceous : I hate buddha on stil
*DEAD* [Admin] Piceous : my bad
Ol . Orbital Strike: maybe im a little racist
Ol . Orbital Strike: I dated this black chick to try and change
Ol . Orbital Strike: but she saw through me
Ol . Orbital Strike: im gonna start dating mexicans
Ol . Orbital Strike: and not tell them i voted trump
Shipmaster: what the fuck? XD
Ol . stewart52: lol
Ol . Orbital Strike: u kidding me bro
Ol . Orbital Strike: can u imagine at a bbq
Ol . Orbital Strike: i tell them
Ol . Orbital Strike: ill be shanked
Ol . Orbital Strike: 100 times
Shipmaster: Probably keyster your own shank for self defense
Ol . Orbital Strike: I wish rambo were still alive
Ol . Orbital Strike: hed take care of these bitches
"i dont care about your shitty fucking skin"
*DEAD* RGB Indusas : no admin no rules
*DEAD* RGB Indusas : fucking chill man
mars if you read this, i love you but you still smelly
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🌋 + [Secret Drug Facts] + 👃
🐳 🎍 💛 👔 💄 🥗 🎁 🌳 🎈 💙 👳 🌸 🎫 🐛 🥒 💗
1/2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. rum (preferably dark)
3/4 oz. tequilla
1/2 oz. triple sec
1/2 oz. orange juice
3/4 oz. sour mix
1/2 oz. cola
shake with ice and strain into frosted glass.
Long Island Iced Tea
I'd like to meet the guy who invented beer and see what he's working on now.
👑 🍧 📗 🐠 👳 🌏 🕺 🥞 🍖 👽 ⛳ 📒 👾 💗 💃 👔
autist 2018년 12월 25일 오후 12시 18분 
merry niggmas
truMalma™ 2018년 12월 14일 오후 9시 42분 
lmao aparently all you do is feed. holy ♥♥♥♥ lmao, gj soyboy
autist 2018년 12월 6일 오전 4시 22분 
i have a curved spine
Surge 2018년 11월 23일 오후 7시 59분 
Typical white trash inbred pigskin honky. Kil yourself before you shoot up a school porky piggy.
Isaac Hipkiss 2018년 11월 2일 오전 11시 05분 
Good Buddy