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Hi there stranger. Welcome to my really long ass profile you'll probably pay no attention too. Here have a video:


Musical bullshit
Top 20 favorite artists
1- Imagine Dragons
2- Barns Courtney
3- The National
4- To Kill a King
5- Rise Against
6- Dropkick Murphys
7- Magic Sword
9- Caamp
10- Bear's Den
11- Green Day
12- X Ambassadors
13- Snails House
14- Muse
15- Tally Hall
16- The Killers
17- Shinedown
18- TWRP
19- Carpenter Brut
20- Neck Deep
I dare you to listen to one song by each of these artists, thats how diverse my musical taste is.

My theme song

My master spotify playlist. Ever expanding and contracting, just like the universe. Withholds all the music I'm currently listening too [open.spotify.com]

My Spotify profile. Got couple playlists on there for the world to see. Why not take a peak. [open.spotify.com]

My soundcloud. A couple more playlists, I repost a ton though so feel free to check out what I cant get on spotify that I enjoy. [soundcloud.com]

If I was a song i would be this

Hobo Rocket

Retrowave... My solution for productivity. [open.spotify.com]

Chill soup is some random name I came up for a chill playlist. Mk.11 Enjoy [open.spotify.com]

The original chill soup recipe [soundcloud.com]

Best instumental ever

Dare you not to cry challenge

My favortie Anime MVs, PVs, OPs, and Ending themes

The most nostaligic theme ever for me

Up to this point everything was music related

I really like this poople's stuff. Specifically their Hyper Light Drifter Art.

Discord: 『Swordsmyth』#7168
send me a poke if you want, idk.
Currently Online
The inner mechanisms of my mind are an enigma
There's nothing more reassuring than knowing that the world is crazier than you are.

Before I say anything about myself, I'd like to mention people that mean a lot to me.

AnotherGerman He has made me laugh at the darkest shit, i feel like im going to hell even tho I dont believe in one.

Oreo Pizza A complete retard. *cough* sorry, he's acoustic. A great person, super chill even when im acting a bit hyper, or super depressed. It really doesnt matter with him around because neither really exist when talking to him. Just gives off a positive vibe to me.

Otto He understands my shit quiet well and supports me when I need to talk about real shit.

Tod A complete troll but is always amusing.

Admiral Bubbles Tried and true friend. No way he could ever possiblly be... *pop*

Whale Permasqueker, but a good friend since the begining of my internet social life. Has not came out of the closet yet but we're waiting.

Finally the asshole that brougth this all to me, and by "this" i mean my internet social life in general. BluNight . My oldest friend and one where we can casually talk about anything and it wont be wierd. And I mean ANYTHING.

Now for me...

Middle English swahrd, from Old English swhahrd; akin to Old High German swärd to sward something
before 12th century

intransitive verb1: to unfurl an epic diatribe of utter bullshit while being completely unaware that your existence has become a absolute joke to all those around you

practice2: a fugly twat

some of that sounds familiar. Unsure

in all seriousness Im just a dude on the internet that plays games (Starbound, warframe, and TF2). My friends call me sword so you can call me that yourself.
Twas forged on July 21, 1998

History of mains: Scout>Pyro>Scout>Engie>Demo(current)

Never forget

My 16 personality test results. I was skeptical of this test but I found the results about 70% accurate. [www.16personalities.com]

Some things about me

Im a bit of a weeb, but dont associate with the community at all cause fuck man... thats a shit show. One look at the crunchy roll comments and i want to die. I like anime entierly from an artistic perspective. I enjoy the art style and the excesive exageration that involves many of the tropes of anime.

I have an appreciation for the arts that keep the atmosphere of retro video games alive. Ciptune and pixel art will always be my favortie art styles.

I personaly believe i have a creative tallent for story telling and character creation. I'm an amateur writer who just started drawing. Even so I'm aiming to start a webcomic.

My favorite game ever is HLD (Hypler Light Drifter). Never have I been astonished by pixel art and audio at once in my life. THE first real time my jaw was opened at a scenery, heh most people are amazed at HD graphic... I dont know why they never impressed me as much as hyper light drifter did. That game kept my jaw on the floor the entire time... AND pissed me off with some of the boss fights.

Games that live in my heart forever ordered from most important to current loves: Kirby Super Star Ultra, Pokemon Soul Silver, Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Team Fortress 2, Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, Hyper Light Drifter.

My favortie game serires of all time is Fire Emblem. Character development, great gameplay, and weeb shit. Peri and Henry best characters.

Three of my favorite PC game serieses: Borderlands, Dishonered and Shadow Warrior. I love em.

My favorite game genre is metroidvenia. Its like a smaller scale open world where my small mind can comprehend every single detail instead of being intimidated by bigger games.

I also really like rouge likes. A quick run through is always a good time when I have about 10 mins to spare. Right now Dead Cells is my favorite. Combines some of my favorite mechanics into a rouge like so its pretty dope.

My favorite anime atm is Mekakucity Actors (The anime is not perfect but I love the entirety of the Kagerou Project [en.wikipedia.org] )

My favortie manga atm is Urami Koi Koi Urami Koi

My opinions on overwatch in a nutshell

Well... I Guess that'll do [wiki.teamfortress.com]

Also about my steam wishlist. If you're the non existant persont that ACTUALLY wants to buy me a game I normally keep the top 10 the most acurate so one of those.

Thats about it. enjoy your stay or just leave without reading any of this. Most of this shit is mostly for me and my friends. Mostly me

Also, before you go, my comment section is a hell hole where I want to die and each quote will probbably end up on my grave stone. Feel free to check out my regrets. They're quite humorous..

Also if you think im insane after reading all this, you're half right, but also my profiles full of inside jokes, memes, and obscure refrences.

For the glory of agatha brother. :agathacross:

Lyrics I like
Nothing matters when the pain is all but gone. When You are finaly awake. Despite the overwhelming odds tomorow came. And when they see you crack a smile. And you decide to stay awhile. You'lll be ready then to laugh again

Wrapped in your regret! What a waste of blood and sweat.

This ones for the mighty sea, mishief, gold, and piracy
This ones for the man that raised me taught me sacrafice and bravrey.
This ones for our favorite game black and gold we raised our flag
this ones for our family name with pride I wear it to the grave.
Favorite Game
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776 Hours played
Community is by far the least toxic I've been in. DE does really well catering to fans and keeping their quality up. I don't think you'll find a better dev/community combo anywhere else. Its fun... Just remember to read the fine print.

"Digital extremes is not liable for any damage caused by a spontaneous addiction to alien blood, ancient gold puzzle pieces, increased appreciation for potatos, and a being damned by RNGesus himself. If you find yourself spending hours wasting away in a chair grinding for said items you are entirely at fault and digital extremes will not be held accountable in a court of law."

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"A lot of little boys jiggle their hands... wait, I did'nt want to say that. I retract my statement" -Sw0rd
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You could just look in my inventory to find the name my background. But anyways, it’s called Cloudbank
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If you provide the gift wrap or giftapult, sure I can sign stuff.