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The Claidheamh Mòr is NOT for sale. I dont accept random adds unless i know someone you know. Otherwise fuck off please. Thanks have a good one.:cactus_altguard:

Musical bullshit
Top 20 favorite artists
1- Imagine Dragons
2- Barns Courtney
3- The National
4- To Kill a King
5- Rise Against
6- Dropkick Murphys
7- Magic Sword
9- Samsa
10- Joji
11- Volbeat
12- TWRP
13- Muse
14- X Ambassadors
15- Bear's Den
16- Snail's House
17- Green Day
18- Foreign Figures
19- The Killers
20- Matt Maeson
I dare you to listen to one song by each of these artists, thats how diverse my musical taste is.

My theme song

My master spotify playlist. Ever expanding and contracting, just like the universe. Withholds all the music I'm currently listening too [open.spotify.com]

My Hall of Fame. Music that I absolutly love that has earned a place on my all time favorites for one reason or another [open.spotify.com]

My Spotify profile. Got couple playlists on there for the world to see. Why not take a peak. [open.spotify.com]

My soundcloud. A couple more playlists, I repost a ton though so feel free to check out what I cant get on spotify that I enjoy. [soundcloud.com]

If I was a song i would be this

Hobo Rocket

Synths are a special noise, so beautiful, so perfect. [open.spotify.com]

Chill soup is some random name I came up for a chill playlist. Mk.2 Enjoy [open.spotify.com]

The original chill soup recipe [soundcloud.com]

w e e b s o n g

b i r b y

Discord: 『Swordsmyth』#7168
Dead server: https://discord.gg/xcGCDnQ
send me a poke if you want, idk.
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"You want peace on earth, best make love on grass then."
"Everyone has a good plan in their head until it leaves their shoulders."

Before I say anything about myself, I'd like to mention people that mean a lot to me.

AnotherGerman : Nazi Scam and one of my best friends. Good luck with you're nuclear engineering man.

Oreo Pizza : Acoustic parking meter and quite possibly one of the best people to talk too.

Otto : One of my best emotional supports. I dont know what I'd do with out him.

Tod : ᴅ ι c к.

Admiral Bubbles : The Big Gay and a demoman at a level I could never reach.

Whale : Washed up tf2 player. Sounds familiar. Also someone ive known since i started being on the internet.

BluNight :All of us have that one person you dont know how they ended up in your life and cant comprehend the repercussions if they weren't. So thanks i guess. *cough* fat ass *cough*

Now for me...

Middle English swahrd, from Old English swhahrd; akin to Old High German swärd to sward something
before 12th century

intransitive verb1: to unfurl an epic diatribe of utter bullshit while being completely unaware that your existence has become a absolute joke to all those around you

practice2: a fugly twat

some of that sounds familiar. Unsure

in all seriousness Im just a dude on the internet that plays games (Starbound, warframe, and TF2). My friends call me sword so you can call me that yourself. alternatively you might come across a dumb cuck named swardsmooth. That is me during the harsh moment when some bastard takes swordsmyth. If I ever meet that person I'm gonna invite them to grab some donuts cause they might be a cool person.

Twas forged on July 21, 1998

History of mains: Scout>Pyro>Scout>Engie>4th generation muma rollout(current)

I used to follow tf2 competetive and played a season of iron (if you call the comp expirence in the first place lol) It ended up being not my type of thing so dont excpect much from me, i am what you would call filthy casual τ ʀ ᴀ s ʜ.

Never forget

My 16 personality test results. I was skeptical of this test but I found the results about 70% accurate. [www.16personalities.com]

Some things about me

Im a bit of a weeb, but dont associate with the community at all cause fuck man... thats a shit show. One look at the crunchy roll comments and i want to die. I tend to keep to myself when it comes to anime. The most of me being a weeb YOU will see is the occasional anime profile pic.

I bust a nut for hi fi pixel art.

I absolutly love the cyberpunk sub culture of si fi. Its probably my favorite fictional sub culture.

I dream of writing and illustrating my own manga. I dream even further for a anime adaption.

Games that live in my heart forever ordered from most important to current loves: Kirby Super Star Ultra, Pokemon Soul Silver, Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Team Fortress 2, Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, Hyper Light Drifter.

My favortie game series of all time is Fire Emblem. Weeb shit and gameplay, fun stuff.

PC games that earned notable mentions: Borderlands, Dishonered and Shadow Warrior. I love em.

My favorite game genre is metroidvenia. Its like a smaller scale open world where my small mind can comprehend every single detail instead of being intimidated by bigger games.

I have a crippling addiction to rougelikes and my wishlist contains way too many and plan on expanding my collection further.

Well... I Guess that'll do [wiki.teamfortress.com]

Also about my steam wishlist. If you're the non existant person that ACTUALLY wants to buy me a game. I generally keep the top 10 the most correct. Dont, I'm a terrible person to buy games for.

Thats about it. enjoy your stay or just leave without reading any of this. Most of this shit is mostly for me and my friends. Mostly me.

Also, before you go, my comment section is a hell hole where I want to die and each quote will probbably end up on my grave stone. Feel free to check out my regrets. They're quite humorous..

For the glory of agatha brother. :agathacross:

Lyrics I like
Nothing matters when the pain is all but gone. When You are finaly awake. Despite the overwhelming odds tomorow came. And when they see you crack a smile. And you decide to stay awhile. You'lll be ready then to laugh again

Wrapped in your regret! What a waste of blood and sweat.

This ones for the mighty sea, mishief, gold, and piracy
This ones for the man that raised me taught me sacrafice and bravrey.
This ones for our favorite game black and gold we raised our flag
this ones for our family name with pride I wear it to the grave.

Cold the air and water flowing
Hard the land we call our home
Push to keep the dark from coming
Feel the weight of what we owe
This the song of sons and daughters
Hide the heart of who we are
Making peace to build our future
Strong united, working 'till we fall
Favorite Game
Review Showcase
3,139 Hours played
This is a review/vent about tf2 in my eyes. Im not the oldest player but as someone who has played3,000+ hours over the course of about 5 years and has gotten very familair with the game I do indeed have some thoughts to share.

My Opinion:
I dont know if I've just been spoiled by Digital Extremes or not, but warframe is a game where the devs are doing things right. They are not afraid to do something new, fresh, and/or ambitious. Which is a brilliant part of designing a game. This takes me to tf2 and why im disappointed with it. The tf2 team imo should be free to take whatever direction they want with the game. Unfortunately its not a priority for valve and the game has already been out for 10 years with an extremely stubborn community. They have every right to be afraid of doing something new or ambitious out of fear of triggering the entire damn community. The game as its stands I have no problem with. In fact I recommend it cause its still fun to me with friends. I just desire that they would do something wonderfully new and ambitious that no one would see coming. Maybe that just doesn't exist for tf2 but I'm a dreamer with some issues in the terms of thinking and see potential in tf2 that the current circumstances the tf2 team has will not allow and maybe never will. Thus Im frustrated. I've done nearly it all in the game in my 3000+ hours (or at least attempted too). The game's concept and characters allow for so much potential that I think is far beyond what people are able to see. Or maybe I'm just crazy and complaining about nothing...

What TF2 means to me:
The game is very important to me though. I met some of the closest friends Ive ever had. If it wasnt for this game I would have never met my friends. Its the centerpiece of my entire social life and I'm not afraid to say it. There is something remarkable with in tf2 that allows for the most unique experiences with people. Just the other day I came across a guy with one of my friends in a pub who was singing sea shanties and another guy shows up with a saxophone and they proceed to do duet... I would not have seen that anywhere else. I would not have survived my 9months of a manic depressive episode and would have Prolly actually ended up killing myself without the people I met and the good memories I formed. I ended up forming the best support group I could ever ask for. This game is a broken piece of ♥♥♥♥ to me but lasts forever in my heart as one of my favorite games.

The Verdict:
If you want a 100% unique experience with some of the most colorful people in a community full of all sorts of characters, both in game and the people playing. Im almost sure this is the only place to get it.

I cant tell whether this is a jarring review or not. I was just following a line fo thought that ended up being pretty honest. So I'm leaving it as it stands. I'm not trying to start drama or anything I just was thinking about the past 5 years of my life with my 20th birthday coming up. Realised how much of it was centered around this game. So yea... go download it or some ♥♥♥♥ idk.

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