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Whaddup fam - Greetings friend - Welcome my dearest
About me
. My friends call me Sun or Sunflower, you cALl mE ROBOcOp
I'm just kidding, you can do the same

. I'm a person from the South East who loves doing things I enjoy to do
Such as: 3D animating and modelling, playing games, reading wikis, chatting with friendly friends and sometimes I draw

. I really dislike toxic people, I deliberately avoid games that is mostly contain such people due to that

. I speak English, however I have a problem in hearing so if we find each other in voice chat I might not understand what you say. Doesn't seem to be a text chat problem however

. I know only English and my native language only. In fact, I can only speak English on Steam

. Also I change my profile picture very frequently

Stuffs and games I like
- Blender
- Sven Co-op ( REMilia's Sven Co-op Server )
- Garry's Mod
- Half life
- Left 4 Dead 2

You can also find me playing other games at times but is very minor such as:
- Terraria
- Stardew Valley
- Don't Starve Together

I am an easy going person. If you want to play games with me for fun then just hit me up with message, or if we are friends already I might even actively join your session. However, if you express toxicity over the way I enjoy the game then I will delay the next time we can play until my afterlife.

"If you only live for yourself, then you only got yourself to blame, no hard feelings, no regrets"
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