Marlon   Hamburg, Germany
About me
My name's Marlon and Im 19 yo. Im a graduated highschool student, gamer, lifter and BJJ amateur. I own a PC and PS4 and Im a community administrator.

My favourite type of playsytle in shooters is aggressive tactical light infantry, but camping in a well fortified position is also a lot of fun. Transportation with only light armored vehicels. Generally low key role playing makes games way more immersive for me, e.g by using the proper military gear.
Fav. gun: MK18/M4 sopmod block 2
Fav. vehicels: Serval LIV, AH-6 Little Bird, RHIB

CPU: i7 4770k
GPU: GTX970 oc
Mainboard: Z97 Killer
Memory: 16gb DDR3

Monitor: Benq XL2430
Headset: Astro A40 TR
Keyboard: Corsair K63
Mouse: Corsair Harpoon

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