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In topic FPS Issue

Not far off from the truth in some cases, sadly. :steamhappy:
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In topic Optimizations
Originally posted by mrx:
Also both games are effectively different. Do you fly over large distances in battlefield and can land anywhere and dig into the ground? Can you construct your own vehicles? Can Battlefield do more occluding cause you can be everywhere on the map?

Empyrion has to suffer from poorly made structures and most likely cannot take advantage of portals for render performances.
Exactly. This game being voxel based alone makes it a huge difference, not to mention your other points.
18 hours ago
In topic so hows the optimization?
Originally posted by EDGE:

So am not the only one who thought that I use to get more FPS years ago.
Years ago ?

A lot can change on your PC in that amount of time, regardless if you intended for it to or not, and possibly regardless if you are aware or not.


I never can understand why people seem to omit software that can negatively affect performance. It seems that people only talk about hardware in these cases.

Software can play a huge role in game performance.

Here are just a few examples :
19 hours ago
In topic Optimizations
Originally posted by Wizzigz:
it's not my system, not even going that route haha. BF2042 ran utlra over 100fps no drops.
Here is just one example of why you should never do this, as in comparing this game to that game, in terms of performance where only hardware is the discussion point :


Memory: 8 GB RAM


Memory: 10 GB RAM

Now, maybe you have more RAM than both, but the point is, you can't just say "my system runs this other game fine, so it's not my system". Without your exact system specs., then we have nothing to go on, really.
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In topic VAC ... Epxiration ?
As said above, no one looking at your profile can see the red ban notice, except you.

The ban is and will always remain permanent, but after 7 total years of the ban's existence, the red text becomes invisible to everyone except you, the user of the account.

Be glad that Valve did that much, as not all that long ago, the red text stayed there forever for everyone to see.


Confirmed. The account is VAC banned :

There is also this possibility :

Still can’t find your refund? Please review your recent purchase history; you may have used the funds to make another purchase!

Although that would be a pretty big long shot, as I am guessing that the user would check that but then again, you never know.

OP, we see these threads here all the time. You can see that yourself from using the forum search. I can't remember seeing a case here where there was not a legitimate explanation, or honest mistake made by the user.

We have even discussed that maybe Valve needs to include a message informing the user of the "within 24 hour" refund issue of the charge dropping off, unless there is and I am unaware of it.

Because of how often this comes up.
20 hours ago
In topic The importance of you workers imo
Sorry for the double post, but I just remembered this that might help people out, although seems like most here are pretty knowledgeable of the game mechanics.

One of the first structures I build is a cemetery. Some might say, why ?

Because without it, if a Bannie dies, the relatives will take a permanent major hit to happiness.......and from what I have gathered, it leaves them with a single, half star in happiness.

No amount of happiness-generating structures will fix this, if it happens. They suffer that sadness of not being able to visit the loved one in the cemetery until their own death, making it arguably the worst happiness hit that a Bannie can get.

So I try to get that cemetery up as fast as possible, because as everyone knows, they can die from accidents before they die of old age. (EDIT...or from disasters, too)
20 hours ago
In topic How do I trade or sell a game?

Steam game subscriptions / CD keys are nontransferable and cannot be reset / moved between Steam accounts.

However, you CAN purchase a game and gift it to another account. But you specifically asked about trading or selling games, so no, that's not possible.
Originally posted by 𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐱♔:
Your game's refund doesn t go to the bank account. money s going to your steam balance

You will receive the refund in Steam Wallet funds or through the same payment method you used to make the purchase.

When a refund request is approved within 24 hours of the purchase, the original transaction is cancelled and the charge drops off your bank statement. In this case, you will not see a credit on your account. This process can take up to 10 days – wait time for international payment methods may vary.
Seems like this thread has been answered pretty well.

---Use a current overhaul mod to gain back the LBD system, or wait for the game to be finished and see if a mod is created to add it back in a standalone version.

---Or, roll back to a previous alpha and play that version that has the LBD system in it.

Since the old system is not coming back, as per the developers, those seem like the only options.

And let's be honest......having that many options is pretty nice, given there could be no options.
21 hours ago
In topic Why?
A lot of it is perception. Someone pointed this out in another discussion similar to this one but here is the psychology behind that perception :

When a big game company announces or you hear of their next big game being developed, it happens mostly "behind the scenes" and we are not part of the development.

We just anxiously await the release of the game on release day so we can play the "final" version of the game, although that can sometimes not really be the "final" version.

But with Early Access games, (7 Days to Die) we are part of the development the whole time, from the time we purchase the game.

Everything is pretty much transparent. The devs are (hopefully/usually) in close contact with the players, and there can be feedback on how the game is going, given by those players, and everything is out in the open.

So when it takes just as long as that big company's game did, then people still think it is taking the Early Access game "longer", because it is simply their perception of the situation because we are more closely a part of that game throughout it's development and updates that get released.

We are more a part of the ups and downs of the game, as time goes on during that development. So yes, some just like to post to complain, but then some simply just have the perception that it is taking longer, when in reality is really is not.
Looks like you already had this or some of this answered over here :

Originally posted by xoxo:
ppl say 'limited user feature added' was added April 2015, but i think it only affects accs made after April 2015. i never had 5 in my acc.
Years and years ago, any amount spent on the account made that account unlimited. But that did not last for long, as users began getting many spam posts on their profiles and some were from accounts made simply to do no good.

This was easier because they could spend any amount to make the account no longer limited. So they changed it to $5 USD as it is now, and that helped to mitigate that problem a lot.

So it sounds like you are talking about having a limited account here.

Also, if a user spent or added just the exact amount, but a currency exchange rate later made that amount go down in value, then the account could be come limited all over again.

It has to be $5 in US currency equivalent, no matter what currency.


Your account is still limited, if that is why you posted here :



After solving the Limited Account issue, you still need Steam Guard to post :
Oct 26 @ 8:05pm
In topic Friends voting for CSGO
Voting for a team on a website: A user will ask for you to vote for their "team", such as a CS:GO or Dota team. They will direct you to a website to vote, but it is a normal phishing scam.

Linked from here :

Account Security Recommendations

Examples of hijacking attempts
A list of common scams can be found here. <-------------------------------------------
Originally posted by cocomelon:
i dont visit any third party website at all
this account was suppose to stored my items only and for no other purposed
and i dont give anyone any information of this account and this still happened ?
In some cases, the user logged into a phishing page that looked closely like the one they intended to log into, so it's possible you did it by mistake.

Point is, the account was compromised somehow. Hopefully, you have done all the steps posted above by now, but if you saw anything in the domain name field when using this link :

Originally posted by Zekiran:
Revoke the api key
** If there is nothing in the API key area, that’s fine. If there IS something, remove it. Nothing should be there.**
Then that even more confirms what you describe in the OP.
Oct 26 @ 7:19pm
In topic FPS Issue
Hey, saw your thread sitting here and hoped to offer some help to you.

It would really be better if you did this, on the PC you have where you play the game.

Go to "help" in the top of Steam. Then 'system information'. Right click in the new window, then select all, then copy and paste all of that here.

The report will contain more information that will help to maybe troubleshoot your problems with the game.
Originally posted by JimmyIowa:
Also note that the steam rating have been going consistently up. Overall long term rating is 87% positive. Recent ratings have been around 92%.
All good points, Jimmy, but quoting this here as in my opinion, it's some of the strongest evidence.

Before someone says "hurr durr that does not prove anything. That could just be more people buying the game and were never aware of the old system anyway."
Originally posted by RasaNova:
Right? As much as people love to think people are attacked for daring to voice criticism... Some of them are the first to attack or dismiss anyone with a different opinion. The example given by the previous poster being a perfect example. She wasn't pouncing on anyone.
Ah, I can always rely on you having a much better way with words than I could ever have. Very well said.

I can't speak for everyone around here, but there are many in this forum that don't do that but simply embrace the other side of things and try to make polite counterpoints to the ones stating their own opinion on different topics.

Ironically, it's often the other ones that get upset, namely the very first reply in this thread by the OP. Clearly attacking the one making the post, instead of simply debating the points that were made.
Originally posted by Doodel:

Anyone who thinks the current way 7DTD presents information to new players couldn't do with an improvement has a profound lack of imagination.
That's quite a jump you just made in goal post locations....

You went from talking about a better way for the player to have information about this game, such as the journal example, to broadly stating the game needs improvements overall to that point.

Yes, sure, we have discussed several topics, in your long absence by your own words, where the game could have improvements to player information.

But the journal is not hard to find in this game.
Originally posted by Doodel:
It's funny, I pick up 7DTD every year or so and always come back to the discussions to read about updates, and it's the same exact group of people who are rabidly pouncing on anyone with a critique or suggestion, like the poster who tried to make that absurd racing game analogy.

You're better off either ignoring the people who take criticism of a video game like an affront to their personal honor, and if you can't do that just block them. You'll only need to do it once, those same people will be here four years from now still jumping down people's throats.
You might want to chose your damsels in distress more carefully.

Those people might have just been simply giving a different opinion.
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