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Posted: May 25, 2016 @ 11:21am
Product received for free

After 4 years FleetCOMM has done the impossible! Not only did it actually come out, but it managed to be a worse game than Depression Quest. Zoe might have had the help of five guys to finish her game, but at least she completed a game that manages to run. Despite having the specs to run this game, it CTDs (crashes to desktop) on launch every time it's launched. I really wanted to actually be able to play this game to review it, but that’s my fault for expecting a finished product. A journalist might be forced to abandon the review because of the ethical dilemma of reviewing a game they haven’t played; but thankfully I’m a blogger.

To continue the review I had to watch a Let’s Play that TheBaconFromHell uploaded to Twitch. The graphics are very bad and when I say it’s bad, what I mean that I’d rather look at Zoe’s Deviant Nation and Broken Dolls pictures. Gameplay revolves around spinning in a circle and using Pink Floyd Laser Light Show beams to give the enemies Grand Mal Seizures until either they die or you stroke out.

The sound is arguably the worst part. For whatever reason when you drag a cursor over a menu item it makes the MLG air horn sound. I’ll have to assume that he was trying to make MemeCOMM appeal to the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ demographic because there’s absolutely nothing professional about this game’s release or development. The soundtrack itself is mostly generic synth with a few hilarious standouts. Boreal Sun attempts Synth Hop Dubstep on Fafnir and it’s as hilarious as you’d think it sounds. Garm is a motorcycle engine revving and synth mashed together.

I received my Steam Key for free via Groupees and I would say that this game is worth no more than what I paid for it. I would say that the $0.50 Groupees “pre-order” price is going to be the most fair price point for this content. The game as it stands is an unfinished mess. What you receive is a tutorial for a game that knowing the track record will be plagued with delays. The dev team has released no word if the remaining chapters of the game will be free via updates or if they will be paid DLC. It also inexplicably refuses to run for several owners who meet the system requirements. In addition the developer seems to be going on a ban spree out of paranoia of “being ebullied.” So far ban reasons have included such horrible things as asking why the game is late, posting criticism of the game itself, posting screenshots of the game (resulting in content upload bans), banning artwork, etc. For these reasons I can’t recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t possess a masochistic streak.
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