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Stardew Valley is one of the best games I've played in a long long long time.

When you follow a game's development for three years it's kind of hard not to have high hopes and in the past I've bought 'Harvest Moon' style games only to be let down but honestly, Stardew Valley is everything I've been looking for.
I have played Harvest Moon religiously since I started gaming but there was never anything even close to it on PC so the second this was released I purchased it. Boy, am I glad I did. The first time I played it was for around 10 hours straight and I only stopped to sleep.
If you're a Harvest Moon/Rune Factory fan then I can't see you not liking the game as it has everything those games had and more. 28 main town NPC's for all your relationship building needs, a HUGE farm (I'm not kidding, it's massive) for all your crops (and there are loads), as many coops and barns as you want for your fuzzy little animals and so. much. crafting. Also, mining, fishing, festivals, random events, casual monster combat, minigames and so much more. Also, Multiplayer is coming!!! I'm 50 hours in an I'm showing no signs of stopping.

The fact that this was made by one person should also be noted. There was no Early Access bullcrap. No endless Alpha/Beta, just the game which I'm glad of. Any bugs that have been found have been quickly patched and the dev is STILL part of the community and still listens to the ideas of his fans.
I personally can't find many reasons to fault the game. There have been bugs but so far I only encountered one and didn't lose more than ten minutes play in reloading which wasn't much hassle to me but I can see how it could annoy some people.

So if you like this genre, just go for it. Stardew Valley is ConcernedApe's love-letter to Harvest Moon, and it's one worth reading.
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