Kota   South Carolina, United States
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Why are you here?

Feel free to add me but leave a persuasive essay on why you want to add me

What am I like?
Usually chill and passive

Mainly play Medic and Pyro

If we're friends and you have a problem about me, then tell me, don't wait a few weeks to address the problem and then remove me, it's just cold

If you remove me then I never loved you </3
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AbbioKeno Oct 31 @ 4:34pm 
Added to be friends and maybe trade i guess.
Jorge Beef Oct 21 @ 11:38am 
Oofer gang
AbbioKeno Oct 7 @ 4:19pm 
Yo, long time no see! Hope we can get the old trade mincraft friends to play together again
thr0binh00d Aug 4 @ 6:16am 
Just Cause
Calem Jul 12 @ 7:07am 
hey dude, long time no see. want to talk later or even play tf2 again? :blockhead: