Bonus Ducks
Ohio, United States
Hi! I play a lot of DBD, I'm not very great but I try to have fun.

Killers, when I play Survivor, I try not to be toxic and am prone to messing up. If you see me trying to run and crouch, that's not me tbagging, it's Sprint Burst bugging out on me and not activating.

Survivors, I try not to tunnel and actively avoid hanging around a hook but if you're right in front of me with someone on a hook, I'm not going to leave the area.

Sorry if I slip up and do something you don't like, I'm not perfect and am prone to mistakes!

Also to either side, my graphics card occasionally crashes on me for some reason, I haven't figured it out yet. I'm sorry in advance!
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Bald head hoe shit 13 hours ago 
+Rep Awesome player <3
Captain Nov 30 @ 11:35am 
+rep Unless....?
purin Oct 25 @ 9:29pm 
if papa john 👦 n my giww 👸😍 both dwowning😱🌊 n i can onwy save one😤 catch me at my giwws funewaw😔👻🌹 with bettew ingwedients, bettew pizza 😂🍕
purin Oct 25 @ 9:16pm 
+rep best quentin main ever, always sleepy, never gets rest. 10/10 would play with them again <3
Dale Apr 26 @ 8:19pm 
tombstone me Apr 26 @ 8:18pm 
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