Marcos Silva
Marcos Silva
My gambling build-up inventory history:

1st time - $300 turned into 6.8k profit.
2nd time - $500 turned into 12k profit.
3rd time - $1.5k turned into 26k profit.
4th time - $120 turned into 3.5k profit.
5th time - $1.5k turned into 5k, all in'd and RIP.
6th time - $1.2k burned out (was my Bday)
7th time - $1.2k turned to 7-8k then started all'ing. RIP

Simple as that. Have a good one :)


*DEAD* XzDemisezX : wow
*DEAD* XzDemisezX : silva is goin ham

*DEAD* TrϕmѦvﺋllﻉ : i was like...thats a fishy ass headshot
TrϕmѦvﺋllﻉ : nope hes just good
TrϕmѦvﺋllﻉ : =D

MATT sQUATZZunny7L : SILVA comes through when needed
MATT sQUATZZunny7L : dw

*DEAD* alfred : marco
*DEAD* alfred : tone it down
*DEAD* alfred : 2 good
*DEAD* alfred : whats your mm rank?
Marcos Silva #Moving in. : was badge
alfred : global elite

alfred : marco just go spec or my team,
Marcos Silva [<o>] is joining the Terrorist force
alfred : yesh
Das Bunny^ is joining the Spectators

JustincrediblE : Marcos the Global Elite

*DEAD* Hoppy™ : Gold nova, like from last map to the start of this one ♥♥♥♥ you

ANIDTheX : marcos afk one round
darkninjawarrior : I dont think marcos is legit

*DEAD* Yung-Little-Rummy : dem hacks wut up with everyone adn HACKS
*DEAD* Yung-Little-Rummy : ITS DEM HACKS
Yung-Little-Rummy : people has to use hacks dese day becuz dey so scared

*DEAD* Stewey71 : OH my god the guy with no name (*me) please stop killing me
*DEAD* Stewey71 : I swear
*DEAD* Stewey71 : Everytime I die
*DEAD* Stewey71 : Its you

*DEAD* Freg : marcos is playing?!?!? prepare for hackusations

To Pimp a Butterfly : jessie (*me) has some next level movement and reaction time
Koopa : jessie has some next level hacks

● *DEAD* 1+1 (*me) = 2 : LOL wut
● s0meth1ng @ Banana ● (RADIO): Smoke Out!
● *DEAD* 1+1 = 2 : ns
*DEAD* JerMinator : You're one to tlak. You're blatantly walling.
● *DEAD* Dead : lol
*DEAD* JerMinator : Every time I try to peek this kid with an awp he shoots me through the corner of th ewall with his ak
+$800: Team award for planting the bomb.
+$1400: Income for losing.
*DEAD* JerMinator : Perfect flashes no matter what, always know s where you are no matter what.
● 1+1 = 2 : LOL
JerMinator : 1v4 clutches every time he needs to.
● s0meth1ng : ALL CT
● 1+1 = 2 : you new to cs?
● s0meth1ng : walls
● Gav one the Battle Number : he is walling he said you were in ct
● s0meth1ng : toggle amirite?
JerMinator : I think 1+1 is cheating but w/e.
● 1+1 = 2 : Im not m8
● Dead @ Second Mid ● (RADIO): Fire in the hole!
● ✺ Spyrokite : i am
● s0meth1ng : thats what they all say

Dab King : lol yeah im hacking
Dab King : not ur team
Dab King : :P
Dab King : you do full 90 degree turn to check a spot?
Dab King : i dont
Dab King : animal (*me) is hacking
Dab King : u should kick him
*DEAD* Ovation' : inhuman reactions
*DEAD* SemperFi ✞ Jesus Saves ✞ : not sure if thats the right word
*DEAD* SemperFi ✞ Jesus Saves ✞ : haha
*DEAD* Dab King : 1+1 = hacks :(
1+1 = 2 : nope dab
*DEAD* Lord Edd : lollllll
*DEAD* Lord Edd : just knew
*DEAD* Dab King : gg hckr
*DEAD* Lord Edd : ♥♥♥ you you ♥♥♥♥♥

*DEAD* c4 : only marcos can kill me :(
*DEAD* Leo : ♥♥♥♥ this map m8
*DEAD* supreme ruler master popo : marcos ak is faster for some reason thats why
Supreme ruler master popo : lol
Marcos Silva : LOL faster

*DEAD* Fox : rip guys its marco
*DEAD* Fox : we ♥♥♥♥♥♥
*DEAD* Fox : ♥♥♥♥♥♥ marco is so bs
*DEAD* Fox : hes just running and 1 deag

RED_TnT : marcos is a legend
__AqT: i dont blame the map for the 5:1 disparity. i blame marcos

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From player to community owner to a$shole and everything in-between. Had a lot fun, raged a lot, been accused a lot as well. At the end of the day it's videogames. Live outside this sh!t too, there's a whole cruel world out there so make sure you be a real life keyboard warrior! Ah, if you hacked in videogames then I hope you get sh!t by birds on the beach. Grow a pair and get better. I guess this is it so fÜck off.
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