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It's Bot for fast and easy level up!

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This bot serves as an automatic level up service, allowing you to exchange your CS:GO keys for complete trading card sets, ready to be crafted to boost your level!


1) - If the Bot write me: "To get to level 50 you will need 115 sets. That would cost 7.66 keys". How much keys i must buy?
- You can buy 8 and of course in this case you'll get more than 115 sets. Bot will count everything.
2) - If the Bot write me: "You do not have enough keys". But i have a keys.
- Please check your keys, maybe they are in hold. Or check the number of keys, maybe you want to exchange more keys than you have.
3) - If the Bot write me: "Please make sure you don't have a trade hold!" What does it mean?
- Please check your keys, maybe they are in hold. Also check maybe your profile and / or inventory is hidden. Also it is can be if you use mobile authorization less than 7 days.

Simply add the bot as a friend to begin!

List of Chat Commands:

!buy # - Buy sets for # number of keys (for example: !buy 1);
!check - Show how many sets you can buy in total;
!check # - Find out how many sets you can buy for a specific amount of keys (for example: !check 10);
!level # - Calculate how many card sets/keys it takes to reach a certain level (for example: !level 100);
!help - Display help menu.

Important information!

Before beginning exchange with the bot, make sure that your profile and / or inventory is not hidden, otherwise the bot will not be able to send you an offer.

What type of keys do you accept?

All CS:GO keys are accepted, except for the capsule and community sticker ones.

Will the bot know which sets I have already crafted?

Yes! Once you add the bot as a friend, it is able to read your badge data and only send you the ones you need.

How many sets will I receive per key?

The price is currently set at 15 sets (1500 xp) per key.
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