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We're in this Together!

Invite a friend to play We Were Here Together
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 1:39pm

The Signal

Set out on a rescue mission
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 2:15pm

Up Down Up Down

Reached the top of the excavation site
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 2:57pm


Discovered a way through the abandoned mine
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 3:07pm

Abridged Adventure

Discovered a way across the ravine
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 3:41pm

The Tower

Split up and infiltrated the Tower
Unlocked May 11 @ 7:10am

The Cathedral

Split up and infiltrated the Cathedral
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 3:50pm


Disable the tesla reactor
Unlocked May 11 @ 7:16am

Shock Therapy

Assisted in disabling the tesla reactor
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 4:17pm

Chromatic Apparatus

Refilled the colored tanks
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 4:49pm


Get rescued from the watersilo
Unlocked May 11 @ 7:37am

Water you waiting for

Rescue your partner from the watersilo
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 4:57pm

Growing Pains

Exterminate the carnivorous weeds
Unlocked May 11 @ 8:00am

Recipe for Disasters

Created the pesticide
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 5:21pm


Solve the puzzles of the Head Priest
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 5:56pm

Mixed Feelings

Assist in creating the Soulstone
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 6:34pm

Cardinal Correction

Solve the Guardians' riddle
Unlocked May 11 @ 6:53am


Sacrifice a part of yourself..
Unlocked May 11 @ 6:53am


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