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That's the spirit

Fill in the Journal's first page
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 2:07pm

Welcome to the Tower

Reach the Abbey
Unlocked Feb 6 @ 3:05pm

The great escape

Reach the Frontier
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 2:31pm

A new dawn

Reach the Garden
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 11:18am

The darkness

Reach the Galleries
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 12:48pm

One last step

Reach Exile
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 3:37pm


Validate half of the game's glyphs
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 12:37pm


Validate all glyphs in the game
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 2:42pm

I did it

Get to the top
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 3:30pm

In this together

Reaching the real end of the game
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 4:01pm

A good beginning

Rebuild a first link
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 12:52pm

Half the way

Rebuild half of the links
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 2:36pm

Peace walker

Rebuild all links in the game
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 3:19pm

Cable guy

Activate all Terminals
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 3:37pm

Feels like springtime

Visit the revived Abbey Garden
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 3:03pm

Open door

See the Great Door of the Abbey open
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 1:15pm

Free at last

Meet a Serf in the Abbey
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 1:29pm

A great audience

Attend the Bards' show in the Fortress
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 1:46pm

For its own good

See the captured monster in the Laboratories
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 2:55pm

A Link to the Past

Meet Bards in the Library
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 3:23pm

The Preacher's fate

Discover the Preacher's corpse
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 2:29pm


Ring the Abbey bell three times
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 3:19pm

Fashion victim

Leave the Armory with the wrong disguise once the Call is made
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 3:20pm

True G3M4R

Winning at both games in the Gardens
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 12:34pm

Alchemists Express

Take a trip in the Alchemists' cable car
Unlocked Feb 13 @ 2:46pm