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Captain of the Guard

Defeated Nephro.
Unlocked May 2 @ 1:52pm

Tyrant of Slacktide

Defeated Magista.
Unlocked May 6 @ 1:30pm

Polluted Platoon Pathfinder

Defeated a miniboss.
Unlocked May 2 @ 2:52pm

Diseased Lichenthrope

Defeated the Diseased Lichenthrope.
Unlocked May 8 @ 11:31am

Intimidation Crab

Defeated Heikea.
Unlocked May 10 @ 1:30pm


Defeated Topoda.
Unlocked May 12 @ 11:32am

The Consortium

Defeated the Consortium.
Unlocked May 16 @ 9:41am

The Ravenous

Defeated Pagurus.
Unlocked May 12 @ 5:43am

The Accumulator

Defeated Voltai.
Unlocked May 18 @ 9:12am

Venture Crabitalist

Defeated Roland.
Unlocked May 18 @ 9:47am

The False Moon

Defeated Petroch.
Unlocked May 18 @ 12:50pm

Crab Hunter

Defeated Inkerton.
Unlocked May 18 @ 1:51pm

The Bleached King

Defeated Camtscha.
Unlocked May 19 @ 8:58am

Avatar of Waste

Defeated Firth.
Unlocked May 19 @ 10:36am

Camtscha, Reborn

Defeated Camtscha (For real.)
Unlocked May 19 @ 9:27am

Path of the True Crab

Unlock all skills on the Path of The True Crab.
Unlocked May 19 @ 10:00am

Path of the Predator

Unlock all skills on the Path of The Predator.
Unlocked May 19 @ 10:00am

Path of the Hermit

Unlock all skills on the Path of The Hermit.
Unlocked May 19 @ 10:00am

Make it Shine

Fully upgrade Kril's fork.
Unlocked May 19 @ 1:30pm

In Good Claws

Purchase some insurance.
Unlocked May 8 @ 1:19pm

You fell off

Fall off a cliff.
Unlocked May 8 @ 9:12am

This Kills The Crab

Shoot a crab with a gun.
Unlocked May 19 @ 11:00am

The Hunt Begins!

Start the treasure hunt.
Unlocked May 8 @ 10:08am

Royal Shellsplitter

Defeated the Royal Shellsplitter.
Unlocked May 8 @ 8:30am

Curdled Carbonara Connoisseur

Defeated the Curdled Carbonara Connoisseur.
Unlocked May 19 @ 10:55am

Scuttling Sludge Steamroller

Defeated the Scuttling Sludge Steamroller.
Unlocked May 16 @ 12:15pm

Finishing What I Started

Get your shell back.
Unlocked May 19 @ 10:45am

Ceviche Sisters

Defeated the Ceviche Sisters.
Unlocked May 16 @ 1:07pm


Find a certain hero's helmet.
Unlocked May 19 @ 11:18am

Shell Seeker

Try on every shell in the game.
Unlocked May 19 @ 1:40pm

Well Adapted

Learn all adaptations.
Unlocked May 18 @ 12:50pm

The Ocean's Agony

Defeated Praya Dubia.
Unlocked May 19 @ 9:50am