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Personal Achievements

Cast Off

Release the vessel
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 1:22pm

So it Begins

Leave home
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 1:25pm

Fixed it!

Repair the lever at the sawmill
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 1:29pm

Heart Core

Install the Engine Module
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 1:46pm

Discover the Ancients

View the Ancient's murals
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 2:12pm

All Patched Up

Attach the new Stern Module
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 2:15pm

20,000 Leagues

Install the Diving Module
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 2:47pm

Turn on the Lights

Activate the underwater gate
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 3:08pm

Ancient Energy

Install the Energy Boost Module
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 3:32pm

Are You Qualified For That?

Use the crane to clear the way
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 3:52pm

Northwest Passage

Resurface between the ice
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 4:44pm


Free the vessel from the ice
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 4:58pm


Inflate the balloon and float over the waterfall
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 5:26pm

A Familiar Sound?

Sound the lighthouse horn
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 5:34pm


Meet Lone
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 5:38pm


Plant the flower in the vessel
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 2:16pm

Beauty in Disaster

Grow the flower to its full potential
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 4:29pm

King of the World!

Stand at the prow of the vessel while travelling at full speed
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 3:58pm

Steady as you Go

Navigate the underwater caves near the waterfall without bumping into them
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 2:02pm


Travel 10000m aboard the vessel while submerged
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 1:59pm


Load the firebox and light the train engine
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 1:38pm


Pass through the sea gate
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 3:35pm

Risen From the Depths

Complete the ascent of the floating city
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 4:23pm

What Now?

Leave the floating city
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 4:28pm

I'm Rooting For You!

Water the flower
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 2:17pm

Full Steam Ahead

Travel 1000m using the Boost Module
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 3:43pm

Running on Fumes

Burned the last item onboard
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 5:37pm


Burn 100 fuel
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 12:53pm

Salvage Hunter

Salvage the contents of 6 containers in a single journey
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 1:18pm

Running a Tight Ship

Successfully repair key parts of the vessel 10 times
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 3:17pm

Oh Buoy

Push all the buoys out of the way
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 5:09pm

Going Green

Burn the flower
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 4:55am

Fire Warden

Douse the engine to keep it cooled
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 1:48pm

At a Rate of Knots

Complete the journey in less than 210 minutes

Changed Tides

Attain all other achievements