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The Fighter

Unlock Fuji.
Unlocked May 7 @ 4:34pm


Clear the Ground Floor.
Unlocked May 7 @ 3:59pm


Clear the Second Story.
Unlocked May 7 @ 3:59pm


Clear the Attic Sanctum.
Unlocked May 7 @ 4:45pm

Evil Genius

Clear the Laboratory.
Unlocked May 7 @ 4:51pm

Fill My Pockets

Carry over $1,000 at once.
Unlocked May 7 @ 4:52pm


Unlocked May 7 @ 3:03pm


Kill 6+ enemies with less than a second gap between each kill.
Unlocked May 7 @ 3:02pm

Another Go-round

Leap off the balcony and loop your run.
Unlocked May 7 @ 4:55pm


...if you want to live.
Unlocked May 7 @ 3:03pm

Dead Estate

Clear the game once.

The College Dropout

Beat the game as Jules.

Orange County Lumber Truck

Beat the game as Jeff.

The Gang's All Here!

Unlock every character in the game.

Costume Party!

Unlock the B costume for every character.

Spree Killer

Clear a challenge room in 15 seconds or less.


Knock out Chunks.

Secret Secret

Visit 10 secret rooms in a single run.

Hope She Notices You

Purchase Cordelia's entire stock on the first floor.


Complete a run in 20 minutes or less.

Fill My Wallet

Carry over $2,000 at once.

Fill My Vault

Carry over $3,000 at once.

Witchout a Hitch

Complete a run without taking a single hit.

Homerun Hitter!

Kill a Moth using a melee weapon as it's coming at you.


Collect 15+ items in a single run.


Collect 25+ items in a single run.


Collect 35+ items in a single run.

Window Shopper

Complete a run without ever visiting a shopkeeper.

Roided Out

Max out all your stats with Dr. Cordelia.

Scrap Metal

Destroy 5+ weapons in a single run.

Happy Halloween!

Ol' Reliable

Clear a run without picking up, firing, or scrapping a single weapon besides your Shotgun or Rocket Launcher as Jules.

Too Old for This

As Jeff, clear a run without any items.


Break 10 golden pots in a single run.

Milkbar Lads #1 Fan!

Unlock EVERY medal.

The Great Escape

Complete Assignment Anya.

Escape Artist

Complete Assignment Anya in under one hour.

Safe and Sound

Complete Assignment Anya by using one or fewer healing items.

To Boldly Flee

Complete Assignment Anya by saving your progress a single time or less.


Complete every challenge.

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