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4 years CS experience
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Season 1: #2
Season 2: #1
Season 3: #5
Season 4: #6
Season 5: Ongoing

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CS:GO: Rank: Gold Nova 2 / Highest rank: Master Guardian 2
Trove: Inactive/Quit -- Highest Power Rank: 20k
Osu!: Rank 32k []
Nano is love, Nano is best, Nano is life!
"Could wait forever, but then I won't learn." - Erased opening - LeeandLie English cover
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Salt anyone?
Vlad.Dracula : don't feel bad he is not skilled, just another bhoper
Vlad.Dracula : swift u have other skills than bhop?

-wins a 1v3-
*DEAD* Le Falcon Cuck : What a pussy
*DEAD* Stewie2s1mple : such a pussy

[Wannabe] c9dy : sudden jumping awp mid picked me
[AWPCLAN] Eli ツ reported SuddenSwift for Wallhack
[AWPCLAN] c9dy reported SuddenSwift for Wallhack

(Private to SuddenSwift) н๏є | 𝓲𝓰𝔀: turn off hyperscroll or script

*DEAD* Shadow : sudden cheats so w/e

*DEAD* C9 Pachi : nice wallsdude
*DEAD* C9 Pachi : love getting prefired with an awp

-| GiClan |- SmartTees{} : Sudden stop killing me fag

*Emperor cowmilk12 : hacks


Moderator Matt : For whatever reason, that lag was not normal and totally unfair, most players on the server would of agreed to this...

Limeaid Smoothie : sudden drink bleach you failed abortion cunt

*DEAD* χ : Sudden you are a bit of a faggot tho. you always come on here with the EvGsquared tag as a weeb

Man a Tea : hope you never wake again

*DEAD* Teleporting Fat Guy 1 #MiniBause : stop spawn rushing sudden

*DEAD* kushninja12 : swift is a tryharder

Noob*DEAD* Sgt FreshPrince/Kcwb : Quit hiding around the corner like a pussy.

xSkeletonSx XDamnationX : fuck off with your knifing bullshit faggot`

DisTance : Sudden you make it pretty obvious btw
DisTance : just saying you might wanna hide it a bit better

Roma Invicta : suddenswift has walls

Destroyerxx : fuck you and ur hacks u salty ass bitch. why you gotta hack in deathmatch huh? are you that bad?

Dank Lenny : LOL you should hide your hacks better. Get good kid, no wonder u got 62 - 3 - 25 in deathmatch
Dank Lenny : 1v1 me irl kid, since u cant use hacks irl bitch. also u cant beat me without ur hacks cunt.

*DEAD* ༺Butter Warrior༻一 : fuck u fag negger

Gl0ck[E]d? ⊰ʟʟ⊱ : its obvious ur walling and just turned ur aimbot off kid

A Burning Melody : ya u suck without hacks
A Burning Melody : they obviously have autobhop

KurzSitH : Weird, I shift walk all the way there and suddenly you just wallbang me. hmmmm wallhacks im guessing. Reported

*DEAD* r e g u l a r : noice hacks

*DEAD* Neb : hacker i hope you die in your sleep tonight cunt

*DEAD* Z4PP3R : suddenswift is hacking
thom Feb 16 @ 4:43pm 
+rep doo doo
adil^ Feb 15 @ 3:04pm 
-rep told me to shut up even though she cant speak
raktor Jan 26 @ 12:07am 
-rep has big gay. tell pete i love him
thom Jan 24 @ 5:57am 
-rep said the n word 😳😳😳😳
thom Jan 21 @ 6:00pm 
-rep weeb
adil Jan 21 @ 5:59pm 
-rep is girl doesn't talk so no callouts she is bot and has ligma