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VAC Ban:

Im am permanently VAC-Banned in Call of Duty: Black ops II
This happened at a LAN-Party where a friend used my PC and attempted to use a Unlock-All Cheat (Which also was already detected, cuz the fool didnt see the [Detected] Tag either. lol)
(To be honest though I can't blame him, Unlock-all Mods/Servers where the thing in older CoD titles)
Workshop Showcase
A bomb defusal map set at an Oil Rig located near Germany.

After the Terrorists found out about an important Oil Rig they stole Boats so they could get onto the Oil Rig and now they are trying to detonate a bomb at the Rig to cut off Oil Flow with many
Created by - 5teven
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𝓘𝓶 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓫𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓰𝓲𝓯𝓽𝓼 :2017catheart:

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Ist der Steven kriminell ab nach Polen aber schnell
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+Rep good trader :d