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Rate Checking @ Steam.Supply
I Validate Bot Rates For Steam.Supply [steam.supply]
Show Appreciation By Donating Items [steam.supply]
Share Your Coupons With Others [steam.supply]
Steam.Supply's Rate Checking & Donation Bot :)
➤Card Bots: [steam.supply]
I validate rates of steam card bots. Everyday i will send a series of commands to card bots
count the sets and send the data to Steam.Supply [steam.supply]
If you are a bot owner wanting to get listed on the site use the Bot Request [steam.supply]
If you want to be displayed in the featured bot list send a key to my Trade URL
Include the steamid and ONLY the steamid of the bot in the trade message.
➤Coupon Bot: [steam.supply]
Every 2min u can request 1 coupon from my inventory, this is to avoid people taking all of them.
You can use the command !coupons and i'll make a request for all your coupons.
Or you can send them via my Trade URL
Logging into Steam.Supply [steam.supply]
will show you which games i have coupons for that you do not own
ordered by highest % saved.
➤Userscript: [steam.supply]
If you are using TamperMonkey [chrome.google.com] I got a Userscript [steam.supply]
that validates the rates of steam trades making sure you do not get scammed.
Future features planned in this script is a auto badge crafter
and a button on the coupon section that requests the coupon
➤Hall Of Fame: [steam.supply]
rKiller - 256.69
⎛⎝ ʎɔnɐℲ🟣Fancy⎠⎞ - 107.03
🗝️ KEYSLAND 🌍 - 83.36
squints - 69.42
Kalizar - Profile Designer - 51
- Full List [steam.supply]
➤Coupons Donators: [steam.supply]
wo shi ni de - 36526
Colette // Buying Cards - 23526
service - 22459
exp - 20990
Duck - 17942
- Full List [steam.supply]
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