Marco   Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
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-Uplay: SpAce_ESP 🎮
-PSN: Mrconietoprez 🕹
I play mostly Call Of Duty zombies (IW, AW, WW2, BO3 and BO2) and other indie games
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Call of Duty: Black Ops III
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- Call Of Duty Zombies Rounds and Easter Eggs -
Black Ops II:

:quick: TranZit: Round 15, Easter Egg
:quick: Farm: Round 12, Easter Egg
:quick: Town: Round 16, Easter Egg
:quick: Die Riese: Round 18, Easter Egg :cupup:
:quick: Mob Of The Dead: Round 20, Easter Egg :cupup:
:quick: Buried: Round , Easter Egg
:quick: Origins: Round , Easter Egg

Advanced warfare:

:jug: Outbreak: Round 26, Easter Egg :cupup:
:jug: Infection: Round 26, Easter Egg :cupup:
:jug: Carrier: Round 28, Easter Egg
:jug: Descent: Round 24, Easter Egg :cupup:

Black Ops III:

:speedcola: Shadows Of Evil: Round 29, Easter Egg :cupup:
:speedcola: The Giant: Round 35, Easter Egg :cupup:
:speedcola: Der Eisendrache: Round 24, Easter Egg :cupup:
:speedcola: Zetsubou No Shima: Round 24, Easter Egg :cupup:
:speedcola: Gorod Krovi: Round 25, Easter Egg
:speedcola: Revelations: Round 28, Easter Egg :cupup:
:speedcola: Nacht Der Untoten: Round
:speedcola: Shi No Numa: Round 17
:speedcola: Verrückt: Round
:speedcola: Moon Round 20, Easter Egg :cupup:
:speedcola: Shangri-la: Round , Easter Egg :cupup:
:speedcola: Ascension: Round , Easter Egg
:speedcola: Kino Der Toten: Round 33
:speedcola: Origins: Round 25, Easter Egg :cupup:

Infinite Warfare:

:jug: Spaceland: Round 37, Easter Egg :cupup:
:jug: Rave In The Redwoods: Round 34, Easter Egg :cupup:
:jug: Shaolin Suffle: Round 41, Easter Egg :cupup:
:jug: Attack Of The Radioactive Thing: Round 41, Easter Egg :cupup:
:jug: The Beast From Beyond: Round 31, Easter Egg :cupup:


:quick: The Final Reich: Round 34, Easter Egg :cupup:
:quick: The Darkest Shore: Round 27, Easter Egg
:quick: The Shadowed Throne Round , Easter Egg
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