Heyo! I'm Sola! There's not too much to say about me, but, I try my best to be around, So don't be afraid to poke me!

Blk_Mage_Ctype Feb 14 @ 6:34am 
Happy Valentine's Day! :sdcat:
Blk_Mage_Ctype Feb 5 @ 8:32pm 
Adding you because I like to keep track of/play with other folks in TF2. No hard feelings if you wish to decline.
Dhar Mann Dec 29, 2022 @ 1:45am 
It's me Dhar Mann
Medical Bat! ♥ Oct 27, 2022 @ 8:53pm 
Floof Dragon Spotted :PuroAmazed:
awesomesause Jul 27, 2022 @ 7:18am 
+rep waltuh
ツンデレラ Apr 26, 2022 @ 6:59pm 
:slimetabby: Fluffy draggy is floofy