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Before you add me and I'm taking this seriously this time, please leave a comment in my profile before you proceed to add me. Any random add without an comment (unless I know you) will BE NO TOLERANCE AND I WILL NOT ADD YOU .

Here are the rules of a no adding to my friend's list, thanks for my understanding:

⦁Obviously not commenting on the reason why you added me (unless I know you)
⦁Has a Banned status
⦁Private Backpack settings
⦁Obvious Scammer (permanent block)
⦁Low Level Steam Profile

:SonicManiaGoldRing: Info about me :SonicManiaGoldRing:

Hello everyone and welcome to my profile. My name is RogerDatSoldier (real name Thomas). I'm a Blender and SFM artist that likes to make posters as my hobby or fun, I do play some games but I'm not as active as before anymore but I do occasionally play with my great friends.

⦁English Speaker (rarely I speak by my own native language)

:SonicManiaGoldRing: Hobbies :SonicManiaGoldRing:

⦁SFM Artworks
⦁Blender Rendering
⦁Playing games (Mostly solo but I play Online sometimes)
⦁Chatting on Discord/Twitter
⦁Roleplaying (Twitter)
⦁Just enjoying dem Memes

:SonicManiaGoldRing: My PC Specs :SonicManiaGoldRing:

⦁CPU: Intel Core I3-7100 (2 cores, 4 threads) @ 3.90 GHz
⦁GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050TI MSI OC edition 4GB DDR5
⦁RAM: 8GB @ 2133 MHZ (2x4 dual channel)
⦁HDD: 1TB Toshiba
⦁MB: MSI H110M Pro-VH Plus
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