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"We may have been Left 4 Dead, but now we're Back 4 Blood"

(( The host of the 8 player vanilla coop L4D2 server ))
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I am adding friends now taking seriously, since I've been scammed in the past with random strangers and some just keep on adding me without any notice or no knowledge of the user. So if I decline your request, that means I do not know you at all (unless I check your profile and know if you're well-known friend of mine)

Plus, some other rules:
⦁Has a Banned status
⦁Private Profile and/or Private Inventory settings
⦁Scammer (+Permanent block)
⦁Low Level Steam Profile

:SonicManiaGoldRing: Info about me :SonicManiaGoldRing:

Hello everyone and welcome to my profile. My name is RogerDatSoldier (real name Thomas). I'm a Blender and SFM artist that likes to make posters as my hobby or fun, I do play games of course, mostly on racing and FPS genre, sometimes 3D Platforming (cause I grew up with Crash Bandicoot) and enjoying Memes since I have the vault of meme pics.

I am also the host of the Left 4 Dead 2's 8 player coop server. No plugins, no crazy addons, no crazy effects. Just all vanilla just the way you usually play, I just added 8 players and that's it.

⦁English Speaker (rarely I speak by my own native language)

:SonicManiaGoldRing: Where to find me? :SonicManiaGoldRing:

You can find me where you can add or follow in these following social media accounts:
⦁Twitter: @RogerDatSoldier
⦁Discord: I have one but only will share via a permission in PMs
⦁Switch: SW-5312-0634-0725

:SonicManiaGoldRing: Hobbies :SonicManiaGoldRing:

⦁SFM Artworks
⦁Blender Rendering
⦁Playing games (Mostly Singleplayer a lot but I also play Online sometimes)
⦁Chatting on Discord/Twitter
⦁Just enjoying dem Memes

:SonicManiaGoldRing: My PC Specs :SonicManiaGoldRing:

⦁CPU: Intel Core I3-7100 (2 cores, 4 threads) @ 3.90 GHz
⦁GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050TI MSI OC edition 4GB DDR5
⦁RAM: 8GB @ 2133 MHZ (2x4 dual channel)
⦁HDD: 1TB Toshiba
⦁MB: MSI H110M Pro-VH Plus
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Left 4 Dead 2
If it ain't XO it gotta go Jul 28 @ 11:05am 
+rep we got Ratchet duo win on first try!
Craziє | Strange collector Jul 28 @ 6:48am 
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Navzyx Jul 27 @ 10:12pm 
added for pootis
RogerDatSoldier Jul 11 @ 7:35pm 
I'm happy to add my good friend Eric :3
[UPRPRC] Eric ♋ Jul 11 @ 7:26pm 
Thanks for adding me friend, and nice to meet you.^^:zblanc::rbrbr1::CyberdimensionRam:
NekoChan May 5 @ 8:35am 
+rep Best Server Ever