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Bloodhunt has a lot of flaws.

Aside from being unoptimized, and (relatively speaking) littered with cheaters, and not very fun at all – speaking as a fan of the World of Darkness games, which I know several of the people working on this game are, I am very disappointed in the waste of potential that setting a plain old Battle Royale in the World of Darkness ultimately represents.

If you're a BR player who has never played any other World of Darkness games, including the original tabletop RPGs, it might not matter so much to you, but if you've at least played Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, you hopefully realize that World of Darkness games fail or succeed based on the storytelling aspect of the game, as even a game like Bloodlines, that on release was – and still is (a bit less so with the unofficial community patch) – buggy as all hell, can become a cult classic.

Bloodhunt barely has any story; it has lore tidbits you can uncover during play, but all you get besides that is that the Second Convention of Prague attracted unwanted attention from the Vatican, who sent in their special hunter force, the Entity, and Prince Marcus and his council of Primogen were sent on the run.

The blame was placed squarely on the local Anarch Movement by the Camarilla, and all members of the Movement are now subject to a Bloodhunt.

That is about where the story ends, because when you get into the game, it all falls apart.

All players start in the same Elysium, as Camarilla, and yet, unless you are a new or relatively new player, you never fight any actual Anarchs in the form of the bots that were implemented for beginners to cut their fangs on, only other players, who, like you, started out in the Elysium, as Camarilla.

The story tells you you're hunting down Anarchs as punishment for them attracting hunters to a large gathering of vampires, yet the point of the gameplay is to fight other Camarilla for supremacy, which they would never do so openly.

I've said before that the gameplay shares more similarities with what the Sabbat would do, since they're the sect that most would know from Bloodlines as the one that goes into a city guns blazing, not caring about keeping their existence a secret from mortals.

All that aside, the potential is still in Bloodhunt to be a better game than it has been up to this point, not least for the fact that when the graphics don't break, they look pretty good, and the atmosphere of the game, sans the gunfire and mortal screams, is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a World of Darkness chronicle, if instead of having the setting's city described to you by the Storyteller, you were allowed to walk through it yourself as your character, seeing through their eyes.

And, in spite of what it is, Bloodhunt is the best rendition of the city of Prague seen through the lens of the World of Darkness, since VtM: Redemption.

With that, I hope that when the game is made available to players again sometime in early 2022, Sharkmob has taken note of how important story is to a World of Darkness game, and will do the source material justice this time.

Otherwise, there's simply no way the game will survive, and it will instead be remembered alongside its progenitor, the long-cancelled MMORPG World of Darkness: Online, much of which was reused to make Bloodhunt.

Vampire: The Masquerade is at its core a role playing game about personal and political horror, and a game like Bloodhunt, where you spend 99% of the time in-game shooting at and killing each other, has no room for introspection, questioning your actions, being horrified at what your Beast has driven you to do in order to survive... and that is a big part about why it is neither as fun, nor as immersive, as the more story-focused VtM games.

It cannot be said enough.
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