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Posted: Aug 11, 2023 @ 12:20pm

Very good fairy tail, with world and lore that I would love to explore more. It's linear but with enough nooks and crannies to where they do make sense, so I find it quite balanced in that sense. The fights, though...
On paper very interesting mechanic based on multiple random factors, that should make the fights interesting and challenging. They can be interesting sometimes, and definitely can feel satisfying with the right hand dealt and with just a little bit of skill, but... Most of the time it feels tedious, since due to the need to collect the crystals, that can be gotten either by perfect dodges or by shooting crystals.
I think I would have made it so that using slingshot or arrows on crystals would give little bit of the cubes or whatever, and slashing enemies from the side of the crystals - more, but require more crystals to be collected. And give Even a stick for default melee weapon. I think that would allow fights to have a more "even" flow.
But still a very enjoyable experience. I'd say it may even be worth the full price.
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