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Hello! My name is Mateo and Welcome to my Steam profile! I am interested in Sports, especially boxing :boxing:, geography, history and music.
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Dobrodošli! / Welcome! / Willkommen! / Добро пожаловат!

I could be one of those people that write a very long list about their interests, hobbies, computer specifications and of course the "rules" for sending friend requests, but this would be wrong. I just wanted to let you know, if you want to add me - feel free to do so.

My favorite movie series are Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky" :boxing: and "Rambo" :onegrenade:. I mostly listen to Rock'n'Roll 🎸 but I am always open to new things!

My favorite bands are:

* Bon Jovi
* Deep Purple
* Dire Straits
* The Beatles
* Metallica
* Nirvana
* Guns N' Roses
* Green Day
* Pink Floyd
* Queen
* Ramones
* R.E.M.
* Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Scorpions
* Sex Pistols

But I also listen to a lot of stuff from former Yugoslavia.

Thanks for visiting my profile
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The reason I like GTA IV more than GTA V has nothing to do with the gameplay or graphics.

Niko Belić is the only character in the GTA series that not wanted to be criminal. He was in the Yugoslavian civil war, did bad stuff after this and came to the USA for a better future. He just wanted to live in peace. But yes, stuff happend and he was again in that lodge. Trailer No. 1 is not without a reason called "Things Will Be Different".

The story, the location, the characters, the music... everything is perfect for people like me.

I highly recommend this game. 110/10
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Where do you get this copypaste from? Hahaha :steamhappy: Thanks for giving me a good laugh!
Balija Sep 17 @ 5:36am 
We regret to inform you that the card titled "Mommy's Debit" has been declined your latest purchases due to suspicious activities. To unlock your card for further use, please confirm your recent purchases with your local bank. The listing follows

- 1x Croatian Flag 32 Inch Diameter 19.99$
- 3x Tudjman 27" Portrait 59.99$
- 1x CroHax CS:GO Premium Membership 69.96$
- 1x USA Flag 32" 4.99$
- 2x NATO Flag 32" 24.99$
- 1x Subscription Вrazzers CROGirls Lifetime Membership 119.99$
- 1x Bijelo Dugme Album 9.99$
- 1x HVO Poster 14.99$

Please respond back to us using your old email:

Thanks for your patience,
Wells All Mighty Lord Gabe.
Milan Aug 1 @ 3:00am 
Tito is ded :(
Balija Jul 11 @ 3:03am 
a t h e i s m
🤍 Biała 🤍 Jun 19 @ 7:10am 
Orthodoxy, Islam, catholicism. What is the fourth?