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Been gaming for a good part of my life, to the level where I can confidently say that I understand all the types of games I play and see, and I can predict if a game is going to be successful or not.

Occasionally I write reviews for the games I play, to somewhat good quality. I usually go overboard with the amount of writing I do for a review. I still go nuts if I am passionate about a game, disappointed, or hate it.

I have accustomed myself to games since 2000 and I've been playing them since they're on a pretty regular basis. I have tried almost every game genre out there.
Sequentially I played were Strategy Games, Shooting Games, Driving, Sports, Action-Adventure, MMORPGs, BR's, CO-OP Games.

I mostly enjoy single-player story-focused games with great aesthetics and full of heart or engaging co-op loot/crafting-based games. That doesn't mean I won't play anything else, but I think this is my groove.

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The Regression of the Gaming Industry
2022 - Lost Ark has relased in the west. A predator game like Diablo Immortal is the biggest launch in franchise history having at least 10 million downloads. Players/Streamers spending 10k figures or 100k figures to gear their characters. At the same time, Diablo Immortal is Blizzard's and world's lowest Metacritic score game, dethroning Warcaft 3: Reforged, having, at the time of writing, a 0.2 score out of 10.

2021 - One of the worst years in AAA video game history, and not only.
If there is a lesson that really needs to be remembered with New World, Evolve, Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 2042, GTA Trilogy Remake is:
Don't preorder, don't buy games because of the hype, don't buy games from franchises that you love just because X Company or X game cannot fail. Also, never buy a game for what it could be, it's potential or Roadmap, just buy it for exactly what it is at Release or at the moment of purchase. Don't believe Roadmaps, or PR Marketing.
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God of War, one of the best in everything
Completed the main game and most of the side content did not 100% yet, plan to do it in the future.

The game is one of the best I've played and is great in every aspect. I saw 9/10 scores everywhere but to be honest it's a solid 10 out of 10, not perfect but very close to being. A 10 doesn't have to be perfect, just has to have great parts and great cohesion, which it definitely has.

The fact that everything can be explored even after completing the game with no region/area locking after completion. Every part of the Open World is nicely done, and to be honest is better than Lara Croft's open-world designs, which the game sometimes seems similar.
Main Story missions are bombastic and intriguing plot-wise.
Side content is interesting and makes you follow it to discover new things about Norse mythology and the game world. No padding. Everything is nicely explained.
Multiple teleport points after reaching a certain point into the story when you can teleport everywhere you unlock. I think if there is something to critique is that the teleport points you unlock early in the game and mid-game can just teleport you forth to one region, and only after a certain point in the game does it allow you to teleport forth and back.

Game audio and music in cutscenes are great and in the atmosphere, but to be honest, the music while fighting is not that imposing. It focuses more on the impact of the weapon and the hits you do, offering audio feedback on fights rather than having the music and score be the showcase.

Map after a point looks small, but the fact that you have fog doesn't make you know exactly how small is. It's medium, not huge. You also have teleported to different realms, but the icing on the cake is the FANTASTIC LEVEL DESIGN this game has, making Lake of the Nyne a very rare jewel in gaming. As you progress the water scales down and unearths new explorable paths and walkways to the regions already visited. Making you unlock new secrets, collectibles, gear, and lorry bits.

The fighting, skills, and weapons are brilliantly placed, and I was shocked when I discovered the 2nd set of weapons, right when I had all the skills unlocked for the main and I thought the game is getting very close to the end. Great, and I loved the new old weapons.

Great storytelling, great protagonists, great characters overall, nice written, likable side characters, funny, and many great reveals nicely spared up in the game as you explore the world and/or advance the storyline.

The final revelation on who Atreus is, really changes how you view Norse mythology. The whole game changes what the MCU and the most recent cultures tried to do with its mythology. It shows the nature of gods and spins the story of Thor and Odin great. A part of the story is also present a bit in the Thor: Ragnarok movie when Hela and Thor confront. A lot and a lot of mythology are well presented and spaced out.

The gameplay is solid in every aspect and there is a lot of content to do. Many difficulties to select and a great New Game + that allows you to keep everything you upgraded and scales the enemies to your new level and also offers them new attacks to keep them fresh.
A jewel that I highly recommend.

Tried it on the Xbox One X controller but fiddled a bit with the mouse and keyboard. Works greatly on both.
I highly recommend getting Flawless Widescreen and setting it to +25%, as there is no FOV scale in the core game.
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