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Welcome to RetroBot's LVL UP Service, the place to level up your Steam Account
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Welcome to RetroBot
How to use RetroBot?

:sundrive: Add RetroBot as a friend

:sundrive: Use !check chat command and RetroBot will answer how many sets you can buy at the moment

:sundrive: Use !buy / !buytf2 / !buygem chat command and you'll instantly receive a trade offer

:sundrive: After checking and accepting the trade offer, you can craft your badges and level UP !!

:coolboy: Be sure that you have crafted all your badges before buying the 2nd time

:outdrive:!help ⮞ help message

:outdrive:!commands ⮞ list of all commands which you can use

:outdrive:!check ⮞ Checks how many sets you can buy

:outdrive:!buy [amount of keys] ⮞ buy sets for an X amount of CS:GO keys

:outdrive:!buytf2 [number of keys] ⮞ buy sets for an X amount of TF 2 keys

:outdrive:!buygem [number of keys] ⮞ buy sets for an X amount of gems

:outdrive:!level [desired level] ⮞ Calculates how many sets and keys it takes to reach desired level

:SynthwaveRetroSun: Having any problems or the Bot is offline ? -- Contact my Owner
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Created by - CashButterZ
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Hey ! In this guide i would like to show you how to Level Up your Steam Profile. Enjoy!
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