Residents evil
Rɛṡỉɗɛṅtṡ ɛⱱỉʟ
If you add me, comment why
I refuse friend requests unless I understand why I'm being added.

Resident evil - Not a fan
I've never played a game or watched a Resident evil movie, I'm not a fan.
When I was a kid, I heard the name and I liked it, so I used it on my accounts.
Too many accounts bound to this name to re-brand myself now...

Achievement hunter? You cheated them!
Yes, but not having 100% achievements gives me anxiety.
I stopped playing new games because I feared achievements.
I work and achieve most of my achievements the intended way.
The rest, I prefer to cheat and admit it than stressing over it.
Now I feel free to try new games. I am only cheating in single player, no harm done!
The following are those in which I used cheats outright. My wall of shame (Nº achies):
AVA - Wanted Black Rose knife. Game shutdown in 2018. SAM (76)
Barrier X - Was not good enough. Slow-down by Cheat Engine (6)
Crash Bandicoot - Was really bad at it. Used a Trainer (54)
Garry's Mod - Play with Garry. HE DOESN'T PLAY! No regrets. SAM (1)
Limbo - No Point in Dying - Death count reset with Cheat Engine (1)
Riff Racer - Dont want to spend 100h grinding. SAM for grind achies (10)
Superhot - Boring challenges (1)
Getting Over it - I got over it with a progress saving mod (3)

My CS Source History
I started playing in 2008 on my brother's account.
Logged 400 hours of Source there, with a terrible K/D.
Those 400 hours taught me enough to get a 1.45 K/D in this account tho.
Here I have 1.125 hours. I used to play D2 only Deagle ( Check my stats ).
Also Gungame Turbo DM, where I was the best player all the time every time.
You can see, in my screenshots, the scoreboard of some servers. Nº1 :D
As for CSGO, 3443 hours clocked before CS2 came out

Stealing the Top 1 of CSS GunGame Turbo DM servers since 2008!
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Achievement hunter - Guide maker - Skins collector
Expert at getting kicked in deathmatch
:Horzine: I'm so good! They just can't handle it
:Horzine: When you can't beat them, kick them? Losers...

If you add me, comment why
:Horzine: Steam ID64: 76561198019146834
:Horzine: Steam REP Link: Click here

Looking to buy some skins for tradeups?
:Horzine: See my bit skins store (add this after bit skins link): /inventory?alias=jEkCVMC81hc
:Horzine: I also sell many items on Steam Market

Sawed-Off | Copper - Looking for a Deagle Blaze trade up?
:Horzine: If you think you can shark this from me, you need to look at my inventory again
:Horzine: If you want to buy it, rethink your offer. Already had an absurd offer and said no... :)

Achievement hunter - Guide maker - Skins collector
:Horzine: Check my achievement stats in Completionist
:Horzine: Check my guides, my maps and my reviews for good content
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Created by - Residents evil
194 ratings
All the options, all the details, all the items. A all-in-one guide to reordering your inventory to the way you want it.
Make your inventory look beautiful and easy to browse through! Reordering once facilitates subsequent reorderings.
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[h1] Achievement map for The Road To Hell [/h1]
One of the hardest achievements to obtain in normal play-time is now available easily on this map!
I hope this map helps you guys, I did my achievement twice, as you can see in screenshot 4 :D

1,985 ratings
Created by - Residents evil

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