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Hola, bienvenidos a mi perfil, soy Eder el cool niño, o solo llamenme Eder, soy un joven niño quien es fan de Mario bros y Sonic el erizo, yo quiero la guerra y cualquier cose que quiera, hice un grupo llamado "Mario's fan team" donde pueden decirme que hacer, que clase de diversion quieren, etc, si necesitan algo como mi ayuda o algo, hablen conmigo y yo los ayudare por que soy Eder el niño cool.
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Mi esposa: Fluttershy
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Nombre:Eder el cool niño
Marca de belleza:La letra "E"
Tipo de pony:Alicornio
Color de pelo y cola:Negro
Color de cuerpo:Rojo
Color de ojos:Negros

Hello there, welcome to my profile, I'm Eder the cool kid, or just call me Eder, I'm an young boy who is fan of Mario bros and Sonic the Hedgehog I like the war and whatever I wanted, I made an group called "Mario's fan team" witch you can tell me what to do, what class of fun we can do, etc, if you need anything like my help or something, talk with me and I will help you beacuse I'm Eder the cool kid.
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My wife: Fluttershy
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Name:Eder the cool kid
Cutie Mark:The letter "E"
Type of pony:Alicorn
Color of hair and tail:Black
Color of body:Red
Color of eyes:Black
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Miles Prower (Anti-Verse) May 19 @ 6:11pm 
Hello, Eder. I know you're not thrilled to see me, nor is some of the others who've heard about me and my actions. I've been thinking things over and I do see that some of my actions were rather harsh and unfair. I admit, holding a bunch of documents and actions you've done against you was stupid of me. While I don't think the joke incident was my fault as it's simple miscommunication and jokes vary for people on taste, it's something i'm sure anyone could've done. I just want to bury this hatchet and get passed it all. Do I blame you? Not really. Do I blame myself? Somewhat, but we all have a life to make mistakes in and improve upon in due time. I added you or attempted to so we could reason this out. Your friends listened or returned to you as they saw no more reasons to hold a grudge. Neither do I wish to hold one.
Ellis Kaito Apr 12 @ 8:41am 
Don't get too mad, I'm no longer a brony so I'm better with the anime. No take risks.
Ellis Kaito Apr 12 @ 8:40am 
Well well, old friend. I see you have newest screenshots. Cool.
Happy Valentines Day <3 =^.^=
Shelley Jan 27 @ 6:35pm