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i dont actually like or play world truck racing a lot, i just leave it on when im at school or sleeping to rack up hours lol

oh and also,
black ops 2 is the only game that is better on console
black ops 2 on pc fucking sucks fat fucking shit dick it is so fucking bad never fucking play it
everyone on the pc version are fat, sweaty beta males that take the game like it is an esport, they dont play for fun
the game on pc is great but the players are all cancer sweats
save yourself some time and never play bo2 on pc
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This game is truly something magical.

World Truck Racing is a new triple A title from Electronic Arts, the award winning studio that brought you Mass Effect: Andromeda and Call of Duty: WW2. Electronic Arts really hit it out of the park with this game. It's a truly original title that every 5 year old (such as myself) should own in their PS4 library, and I'm going to explain why.

In this game you play as a truck. Nobody has ever really taken on this idea in a video game, probably ever. Not just that, but this game really makes you FEEL like a truck. In most games, they try too hard to make you 'feel' like something, whether it's Batman, or generic silent protagonist #5321948492. This game perfectly executes the idea and concept of being a truck.

The controls of this game are silky smooth. I never thought I'd be playing as a truck IN A VIDEO GAME in my life, nonetheless with amazing controls. These controls are about as amazing as the controls in Mario Kart: Double Dash, which was a game that just had great, amazing driving, compared to its successor, Mario Kart Wii. When I press W, the truck moves forward. When I press A or D, the truck moves left or right. When I press S, the truck moves backwards. I never thought in my life that I would have this much control in a game in my life. Oh, and that moment when you make a sharp turn, drifting straight into the grass and hitting a wall, regardless of how good of a driver you are; it's pure bliss. Game controls at its peak. I don't think any future game will top this.

The UI is amazing. It feels so intuitive and fresh. Since this game was made in the Unity engine, a critically acclaimed game engine, responsible for the creation of such smash hits such as "Slender Clone #72392490", and "Generic Horror Game #32029248", the Unity engine really brings this game's UI to life. The standard, generic font typeface was a refreshing take on a user interface, compared to games nowadays that use special, gorgeous fonts to make their game look beautiful. The soundtrack of this game is also spectacular, with such award winning tracks like "Title Theme". It's simply music to my ears.

All in all, I'd have to rate Euro Truck Simulator 2003 a 10/10. Most games nowadays cannot compete with the level of quality this game has to offer. While most awful game companies like Nintendo nowadays publish disgusting, repetitive, shovelware titles such as "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" and "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate", Activison Blizzard really hits it out of the park with this game's first entry into the FIFA series. I can't wait for next month's entry in the series, rumored to be titled "Five Nights at Freddy's: World Euro Truck Racing Simulator 2004". Do yourself a favor and pick up this iconic game.
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favorite game 2
top 5 favorite gam ever
1. minecraft
2. animal jam go wild
3. five nites at freddies
3. papa's freezeria
5. cod infinite warfare
2. cod mwr
10. mario kart tour (best one in seriez!!!1111!)
01. world truck racing (bettr then mario cart wii!!1 (witch is a bad game unlike world truck raceing)1111111%$)

-list made by matt age 6

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