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Personal Achievements

Run for the hills

Unlock the Scout
Unlocked Mar 29 @ 10:34am

Dig down deep

Unlock the Driller
Unlocked Apr 9 @ 6:42pm

Enjoy a relaxing stroll

Unlock the Engineer
Unlocked Apr 9 @ 5:38pm

Lock and load

Unlock the Gunner
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 10:40am

Delicious BLT

Reach 300 Max HP
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:04am

Get that Midas touch

Collect 250 Gold
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 6:16pm

A freeze is coming

Deal 250000 Cryo damage
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 6:20pm

Hot, hot, hot!

Deal 250000 Fire damage
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 10:57am

Gotta stay Nitrated

Collect 250 Nitra
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 6:34pm

Au-fully rich

Collect 2000 Gold
Unlocked Apr 9 @ 6:05pm

Hoxxes Manual

Die 3 times
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 6:14pm

Squint and squeeze the trigger

Reach 75% crit chance

It's got electrolytes

Reach 50% move speed

Swift guns for swift hands

Reach 75% reload speed

Sprinkle of Nitra

Collect 2000 Nitra

Slick, like butter

Dodge 100 times during a run

Pillar of Society

Kill 15000 aliens while standing still

Big spender

Spend 20000 Gold

No pain, no gain

Take 2000 damage during a dive

Relish the pain

Deal over 1337 damage in one attack

Close call

Kill the Dreadnought with less than 30 HP left

Why so Salty?

Reach 50 armor