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Suicide is no joke and also read my damn custom info box you blind fucks
To friend me you need to do the following:
1.You need comment why you are adding me.
2. I don't trade anymore so stop asking
3. You need 4 friends in common(if we have the same thing in common then you are good and if I know you then you are good).
4. Profile level needs to be 10 or above
5. No private profile or low level profiles.
6.Do not add me so you can tell me to add someone else so they can add you just pay fucking 5 dollars jeez.

I am not done with you done with you yet tf2.

The one thing that pisses me off is fucking wannabe girl that promotes fake csgo case opening sites. Btw it's a crime to pretend to be a girl.

If You ever get a message with my name on it and it's some type of scam site link aka promotion case opening remember I own black ops 2, my inventory is set to public, I have a csgo global sentinel badge, and I have a neptunia unleashed U Purple Heart background(cuz those scammers or phishers will never know what neptunia is unless they do research about it).

Also don't remove me without a reason why comment why you are removing me.

Also I change names when people switches to my team.(only in tf2)

Online:Feel free to chat
In-game:You need permission to join my game but if I am playing with a friend sorry but you can't join me. Also I may I will repeat again "MAY" reply late or might not reply at all.
Away:Probably being lazy
Offline:I sleep for a long time or at school.

I ain't really much a chit chat box so you are gonna have to chat with me to start a conversation.

Likes & Dislikes:

Friendly people
Math is best subject

Rude people
Racial slurs or homophobic slurs
Scammers, Sharkers, Phishers, and Beggers
People getting involved in other people business(like boi that ain't none of your damn business).

Q N A:

Q:Do you know any method to avoid scams?
A:Just troll with them and block them. And also read this:

Q:Do you want to trade?
A:You are a complete dumbass. Didn't you read my steps?!

Q:Do you do gifting?
A:Only to my TRUE friends who have been scammed.

Q:Why did you remove me?
A:Due to inactivity, a scammer, or don't know who you are.

Q:What happened to your unusuals?
A:I sold them for real life currency and took half of it for steam wallet funds. Plus what's the point of having unusuals anyways?

Q:May I have free items please?
A:This not a donating account.

Q:How come I see you on trade servers alot.
A:Just to mess around

Q:What HUD do you use?
A:Toonhud purple version

Q: Are you a weeb?
A:Can't you tell from my background or profile pic.

Q:Are you a sadist?
A:Uhhhh are can we not talk about this.

Q:Have we met before?

Q:Are you over the age of 18
A:I am calling the FBI(CSGO edition)

Q:Are you a youtuber?
A:I have 41 subs does that count?
youtube link:

Q:Are you the reason why tf2 is dying?

Q:What I tell you that I am a hacker?
A:What if I tell you I can report you for hijacking?

Q:Why are we still here?
A:Just to suffer

Q:How much money you wasted on this steam account?
A:125.90 USD

Q:Why do you have -reps?
A:For trolling beggers and scammers.

Q:May I scam You?
A:Want to get tradeban?

Shitty gmodder, Learning sfm, big lover for tf2, gmod, csgo, neptunia and maybe sfm, wannabe youtuber lmao

Best salt from other players that I dominated:
Png.Jpg : come out and stop being a bad person
Png.Jpg : my dad is gaben and ill get you bane for fly hax
Png.Jpg : i also fucked youe momy
Png.Jpg : fuckt*
utopiagang-ura****** : i love 9 year old mentally challanged kids who come on servers like so that the 1 lucky shot they get, insta kills their enemy
あなたのたわごと:how do you emote?
s4yuw:bye, A trap, you're a fucking asshole and you know it fucking cunt
s4yuw:could someone ban i am a SMG
ic.bogard26 : kid stop flying
NateDog123 : !emote
randomlypickedname : u know what
Player randomlypickedname [[U:1:866395874]] disconnected "Disconnect by user."
Negan : Suck it
Grape man : fight like a men
Grape man : man*
Grape man : coward (x5)
Grape man : purple?
Grape man : he's a coward
Grape man : flying hiding at spawn and spy clocking
Grape man : get a life
Grape man : purple is still a coward
Grape man : hey colonel can you speak or are you retarded?
Grape man : I guess ur retarded
Grape man : wow you have a sad lif
Grape man : e
Grape man : wow thats a new level of sad
TurtleMash:Colonel is a bitch
Justsomeguy110 : UMP9
Justsomeguy110 : Can you not
Justsomeguy110 : im already tired of u
Justsomeguy110 : scunt (x2)

Quotes:For the sake of all children's joy, I will stop you right now!
What a Nobel Prize speech. You're probably a straight-A student. You want me to applaud?
Birthday!? So what? O-Okay... I get it. You want me to celebrate, right? Happy Birthday
I hate you! I don't like you at all. But I love you anyways.
Automatic weapons are useful in a utilitarian sense, but single-action guns are slick, neat, and stylish.
It's nothing special, but I'll still give you a compliment. You're such a good kid.
Oopsie Woopsie! UwU I made a fucky wucky!! A wittle fucko boingo!
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃|||--------------------|==>
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤... TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also btw I will also be cleaning my friend list time to time due to people being inactive.

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Emeraldhunter Feb 14 @ 6:28pm 
XD I'm not a tryhard my weeb brother
ƃɐzoɹ{Quit} Feb 9 @ 10:01am 
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Kuledude21 Feb 1 @ 7:57pm 
I can't believe those scamming bots are still a thing lmao and the fact some people fall for it. Good job on posting on his profile, but he'll delete it in a while
Grape man Jan 29 @ 7:20pm 
also change username in salty player list to Lisiasty cuz grape man is a temporary name
Grape man Jan 29 @ 7:18pm 
ok I guess I'm not mad anymore or something