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Hmm.͞ W͜e͞’͢re h̵a͠vi̕n͠g tro̴uble̡ f͜iǹdi̧n͡g͢ ͘th͘at ̸s̴it̸e.

̨Ẃe̸ can’̀t con̸nect ̸to t̕h̨e̕ s͏ȩrv͠er a͜t̴ ͞ http://steamcommunity.com/id/PlushBanshee/

If th͜a͝t͠ a̧ddre̴ss͢ ̵i̢s ͏corr͞ećt, ̷ḩeŗe̷ ̀ar͝e ͟t҉hree ͟o̷th͟er̀ ͠ţh̛i͝n͘gs̛ ̡yơu͘ can t̢ry:͠

● ̸ Try͢ ̵aga̴i͘n ̀l͟ąte̡r̶.
● C͏hec͜k̢ yo͡u͝r̡ ́ ne͡t͡work ͝ćonn͝ec̢t͘ioǹ.͡
●͏ If you a̛re̢ ̶c̴onn͏e̴ct̢e͏d b̸u̕t ͢b҉e̛h́ind ҉a͝ f͡irewa͞l̛l͡,͏ ҉ c͢h̶eck̡ t͞hat̴ Steam ҉h҉as̵ per͘m̴is͟s̸i̷on ̨tơ a̴c̨cess ̕the Web.



I'm a Ozzie Jap so yer

fav place for a holiday 🌏House Dagoth, Ash Mountain, Resdayn

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:Qmark:Whats your pc build
:A:GTX 1080 Tri, i9 core, 32gb ram, custom pc, RGB EVERYWHERE!!!

:Qmark:Tf is banshees???؟؟؟
:A:Visualizations of resourcefulness Dreams, Delusion, Hallucination and Nightmares, come together to form a creature that can destroys the fabric of the cosmos. Contentedly it's rather vivid but being a omnipotent can course hyperbolic suspicions.

:Qmark:I thought this was Hentai Haven?
:A:Anything can be Hentai my child

:Qmark:Do you do drugs?
:A:Ha i wish

:A:Are you trying to make your self have a seizure?

:Qmark:Are you a boy or girl?
:A:Please do not conjecture my gender over the impressions I make

:Qmark:I think your 13
:A:Don't do assumptions because I change milestone often

:Qmark:Why do you talk like a different person every time i chat to you?
:A:I have a big assortment of mind sets it's just a thing i do

:A:Wherefore i doth talketh English I knoweth not about thee but thy language is filth

:Qmark:The way you type stuff with sciencey word makes me think that your a posh person
:A:Plush (noun - a rich soft fabric) (adjective - richly luxurious and expensive)

:A: My mother wait no English right.... how about mum, colour, accessorise, compartmentalising, organisations, miniaturisation, kilogrammes, hypothesising, glamour, formalisation, flavour, humour. I think i rest my case hmmm (US - 17th century, EN - 1535 ) and befor you say hay you speak AU, Australia hold most of the UK language

:Qmark:Stop showing off
:A:Someone is getting a bit ferment arn't we

:Qmark:What is your race?

:Qmark:Do you have a job?
:A:A very fascinating inquiry

:Qmark:do u cut yself
:A:Negative I all ready get constant adrenaline rush everyday heck I only sleep for 2-3 hours

:Qmark:You make me rethink my life dissensions
:A:That is not a question you pitiful present think of something that is higher in your vocabulary that holds a question then re-ask thank you

:Qmark:Will you go out with me
:A:As long as if you a girl and i can tie a big ribbon/bow at the back of your hair and keep looking cute

:Qmark:Is Traps gay?
:A:Do they jump on to men if so they be homo

:Qmark:How do you handle people judging you
:A:Its all part of accepting your persona and not cearing what the world thinks

:Qmark:Owwwwwwwwwwwww DAM WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW hay can i get on your list bb
:A:o.O okay i guess you can

:Qmark:Is juese real
:A:Is Drugs real?

:Qmark:So like i like this chick in my class i can't handle looking at her she has such nice ass and boobs what do i do
:A:Photocopy photos of her school year pics and place them all around your wall in your room then buy a custom print body pillow with her printed on it

:A:I have seen MLP and sometimes i use ponys as a profile pic though i don't follow it and i'm no a horse clopper i just like turning girly things into psycho fual for my entertainment

:Qmark:My Goddess please for give me i'm a furry
:A:I don't judge anyone unless it has something to do with religion if you like humping full grown men in dog costums then that what helps you get off a night

:Qmark:is banshe skilled enough to count to 10

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Milk is sweet, Milk is chillin, What can i say, it's top billin
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