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Jun 26 @ 12:14pm
In topic DONTNOD, PLEASE MAKE LiS: After the Storm!
There are also leaked backback patches that look exatly what Chloe or Max would wear. It might be just a nostalgy dlc though. And the choices from the first season can be carried over to 2nd. That might mean just few callbacks here and there but still. The possibility is very real, with how much community loves the original duo.

At the very bottom i expect Max to be more involved in the story than we thought, maybe not as playable character, but as supporting cast.
Капитан Дух наиболее близок оригиналу, но это неблагозвучно на нашем языке. Капитан Призрак режет глаза действительно. Капитан Спирит как хороший компромисс.

Играл на английском поэтому качество локализации оценить не могу. К счастью никакие призраки первое впечатление не испортили.
Jun 26 @ 10:54am
In topic DONTNOD, PLEASE MAKE LiS: After the Storm!
I still think Dontnod are going to pull surprise on us and continue Max and Chloe story in lis2. Couple of reasons:

1. Ending with Chloe surviving is confirmed canon because of the comics they are making now.

2. Very little information released about the game. No big announcement. No screenshots, no trailer, no synopsys. Instead we got red herring episode that is captain spirit. And they are going to reveal some details in august, probably during gamescom, just a month before release.
Jun 13 @ 4:01pm
In topic Group Chat Options
Higly agreed. I don't need group chat atm and i was surprised that i can't even disable it. It is very annoying to have tab openn in the compact view, taking space even if its empty.
Jun 10 @ 10:08pm
In topic Secrets hunting
I'm very much excited, not only exploring myself but also reading what fellow players will find out, listen their theories and how it all possibly ties to lis2. Community aspect of playing lis was amazing. All these wild theories in between episodes, clues hunting, possible foreshadowings and references to movies and literature... damn, that was a good time. Lis2 hype!
can someone please give me summary what all that feminism sjw drama is all about?
Oct 20, 2017 @ 3:03pm
Originally posted by Battler Ushiromiya:
By the original sprites, do you mean the ACTUAL original sprites, or the updated sprites by Mangagamer?
Original Ryukishi07 sprites. These updated sprites looks worst of the 3 imo. Lots of people hate them, because at first sight they look disproportional and maybe silly, but once you play with them for a bit, you kinda warm up to them. I read the first 4 chapters on steam for the first time, constantly switching between original and ps3 sprites (but keeping original for most of the time). And i think i would read chiru that way as well, if modders make the same kind of patch. That being said i'm not calling ps3 sprites bad or anything, it is just me preffering ryukishi sprites.
Oct 20, 2017 @ 5:29am
Going to wait for ps3 patch, but just for voices mostly. Original sprites are just too good to pass up on them (all these facial emotions are usually worse in ps3, with exception of glorious ps3 beatriche) . If it would be possible to have the dream variant with original sprites + voices + ps3 backgrounds like in previous arcs i would go with that. Btw huge thanks for moders who made that a reality last time, you guys are real mvp.

There is not really a point to wait so much for steam version just to play vanilla, which was available for some time already.
Sep 23, 2017 @ 3:43pm
In topic The price is fine...
Originally posted by John Gamer:
Originally posted by Phoenix-san:
Zero Escape 3 was a new game and did not cost such ridiculous price.

Zero Escape 3 was a new game and did not cost such ridiculous price. It had dual audio and was also released on consoles. You are missing the point. It is not that PC players ENTITLED, it is the price of triple A title for visual novel is ridiculous and not realistic, regardless of platform.

Zero Escape 3 was a Vita/3DS title. It didnt release on a home console until a year after.

Theres no such thing as a 60 dollar Vita/3DS title.

And I hope you realize that other VN's like Steins Gate 0 and Psycho Pass were 60 dollars on PS4 at launch, I know people on PC aren't used to Day 1 Japanese releases, but 60 dollar VN's are not uncommon.

The PS4 version was up for preorder for MONTHS, you all should have saw it coming

What does home consoles have to do with this anyway? Look on the forum where you are. You can't just brush ridiculous price complaints by BUT ITS SAME ON PS4. You have no further arguments other than that. Unless you consider petty "but its new game, it has a lot of content" an argument, which it really is not.
Idgaf about ps4. Consoles is entirely other gaming system, people there have to pay even for access to multiplayer which i find ridiculous as well. I'm discussing steam price for steam game. None of visual novels on steam cost 60$ and they should not, this is the issue here. Your bs "Why should PC players pay less than PS4 players" is completly irrelevant. Its not about we should pay as much as ps4, its the other way around, visual novel no mater how new/dual audio/ or whatever you can come up with, can't, just can't justify triplA price tag.

Do you have anything to say other than "new, long game and it cost the same on ps4"? If not i guess we're done here due your lack of argumentation.
Sep 23, 2017 @ 1:49pm
In topic The price is fine...
Zero Escape 3 was a new game and did not cost such ridiculous price.

Originally posted by John Gamer:
Originally posted by Firlow:
Zero Escape The Nonary Games, remakes of two previous games, is, well, TWO games. So it being a new game means nothing imho. And there are other games like Nier Automata that imo should cost more, but actually cost less than this.

Nonary Games was a remake of a 8 year old DS game that only added voice acting, and a port of a 5 year old 3DS/Vita title. You can't compare that to DRV3 at all.

Also Nier Automata is 60usd/80cad. Just like DRV3

People here are so entitled, Why should PC players pay less than PS4 players when PC is the surperior version.

You guys are aware that localizing a game costs a lot of time and money right? especially if it has dual audio.
Zero Escape 3 was a new game and did not cost such ridiculous price. It had dual audio and was also released on consoles. You are missing the point. It is not that PC players ENTITLED, it is the price of triple A title for visual novel is ridiculous and not realistic, regardless of platform.
Buying vns is fine, but not for AAA-titles price.
Sep 23, 2017 @ 1:38pm
In topic Am I weired that I think the price is just fine?
Yes you are weird. Because none of vn's on steam cost this much. And even 3rd Zero Escape series game did not cost this much (series are kinda similar and i heard even developers are friends). Pulblisher need to get real and realize that vn for the price of triple AAA title is not realistic and will scare a lot of auditory.
Sep 23, 2017 @ 1:34pm
In topic Why 60$?
Because of regional prices. Or is this just a bait post?
A lot of people are going to do this, but also quite a lot people agrees that price is ridiculous.
Should have made a strawpoll, then much more people will admit to 7, steam can ban (from forum discussion) for admitting piracy.

Full price is too much. NONE of the visual novels on steam cost this much. "But its new game blah blah" is not an excuse, get real boiz. Umineko cost less than 2 times of this and offered for me 228 hours of "gameplay". If it would be atleast 1/4 1/3 cheaper of its price i'd gladly buy it on start (4b i guess), but this is ridiculous. I'll find a way to experience its content on start, and will buy it later for fair price, if i like it. But to be honest, i don't think we should support visual novels for such a high price or others might follow its example.
Main character. Looks like normal girl amongs bunch of weirdos, and excited to play as female mc in danganronpa (I know about Komaru, but yeah.. in vn danganronpa i mean).
I don't think it will be that many. I imagine most of the people buying this is fully aware that subahibi is not your generic harem ecchi eroge.
Jul 27, 2017 @ 3:31am
In topic Old Sprites, PS3 Sprites or New Sprites ?
Myself i played with both. I had ps3 backgrounds and switched between original/ps3 character sprites constantly. Usually original character sprites are waaaay better than ps (they are just so emotional in comparison to ps3, ps3 just have no "soul" if you know what i mean, just generic polished anime sprites), but with exceptions (Beato ps3 is wow! that smile!). New sprites - stay away from them for your own good.
Yeah, and russian price went up like 3x-4x times too. I'll ask se support too, see what they'll reply. If they are goint go increase prices at the cost of losing their player base... well, its fine, i'm not paying that much.
Jul 19, 2017 @ 10:04pm
In topic Steam bug with prices.
Its most likely a steam issue. They charged In RUB before, now they charge in euro for some reason, therefore 259rub -> 749rub. Wtf, not paying this much.

I ask SE support and see what they'll tell me. If its impossible to bring price to how much it was - gg, not paying anymore (as i imagine you too, friends with same issue), 3x increase is just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t.
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